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'post Your Desktop' Thread


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Guest Bourne

I tend to change my desktop fairly often, either out of boredom or simply due to finding a new picture. Nonetheless here are some of my recent lot...

d1wg7.th.jpg - (My current, was in a good and creative mood, still am and this was a nice picture.)

d2dq4.th.jpg - (Nothing to comment on besides the fact I liked this picture)

d3uf4.th.jpg - (Similar to the above, although the concept of this character's design is one that shares similarities with a character I have created for a story I am writing.)

d4vd7.th.jpg - (I simply love this picture and enjoyed the scene from the actual game. I might just leave this as my desktop pic for a bit again.)

I also use one of the Lady Godiva that I found from Wiki, however I will not post that for obvious reasons.

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