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Pens @ Habs | September 17, 2007 | Pre-season


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Guest rendez_vous

Yeah, I was reading through the last page of the Montreal @ Toronto GT...man, how depressing...:(

Oh well, brand new season! :D

Anyways, since I'm kinda lazy, and I have no clue who will be playing, and the fact that I can't edit (:P) I'll leave it as is :lol:

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Haven't seen one of these in months!

Stoked for this game, even though it's just pre-season. First game I'll be watching on RDS.

I'm so glad I got it just before the season started.

And I wonder when roy_133 will set up that game-thread sign-up thread.

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Guest d80jcrant

Awesome, A game thread. I will be at work for this one, But I will record it in my PVR for later. I do not care if I know the score, I am watching. I hope Price starts in net.

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Guest Greek Hab
Why not?!? Have faith man, have faith!!! ;)

The answer to your why not...though I do want Carey to do well(even though it is pre-season) there are those who are and who are not superstitious when it comes towards the 'S' word in hockey. I am one of those who is superstitious, and when someone says or even types about the 'S' word...that game/goalie has now been jinxed.

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Guest overlords
Anyone know who is in net tomorrow night for Montreal against the Pens? Is RDS broadcasting it? I heard they were. awesome.

Yes they are broadcasting. I'm hoping that lacasse and loverock etc get cut so i don't have to see some second rate goalie in net tomorrow at the game. I can't wait to see kosty and dags (haven't said that in a while) tear it up together. I am really looking forward to clocking lats' new speed as well :P

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