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Guest chocolate

MN Bonus available for 2008.02.08:

No bonuses are available.

TO-NO-GO Bonus

...2 bonuses - if EITHER Buffalo (vs Boston) or Washington (vs Carolina) win in regulation

...1 bonus - if EITHER Buffalo or Washington win

MN pace - 2.2 points per habs game

Next MN milestone: 25 - current Mn forecast: Feb. 26th

Member predictions:

#1 - Mar 1st, vs. NJ (made on Feb.6, MN 46)

Admiral - Mar 3rd, vs. SJ (Feb.6, MN 46)

Chocolate - Feb 26th, vs. Atl (Feb.8, MN 44)

Reached milestones:

MN 125 - Nov.13th, predicted by AK (Oct. 29, MN 141)

MN 99 - Dec.15th, predicted by HLD (Nov. 15, MN 123)

MN 75 - Jan.8th, predicted by HHFR (Dec. 22, MN 99)

MN 50 - Feb.2nd, predicted by mateus (Jan. 15, MN 71)

MN on Oct. 2 was - 165

MN on Oct. 31 was - 139 (drop by 26 in 11 games, pace 2.36)

MN on Nov. 30 was - 113 (drop by 26 in 14 games, pace 1.86)

MN on Dec. 31 was - 86 (drop by 27 in 14 games, pace 1.92)

MN on Jan. 31 was - 52 (drop by 34 in 12 games, pace 2.83)

Current MN - 44 (drop by 8 in 4 games in February, pace 2.00)

Note, the pace of 2 MN points per habs game is the border line between playoffs and golf pastures. If the pace is higher then 2, the habs are heading to the playoffs. If it is less than 2, we are out. If it is exactly 2, it is a tie break situation.

MN forecast by the end of February - 22 (at the beginning of February the forecast was 21, the best is 21 and the worst 24).

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Guest chocolate

MNPace_Standings_East.png (Please refresh to see the last update)

When the MN habs400 hits 0 or Montreal climbs to the spot #8 in the Habs 400/750 standing, habs are in accordingly to habs 400 rule.

Thanks to bsl for the idea.

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Guest Tamara84

Guys sorry not doing my usual posts but I am so busy today. I will get back to it on Monday like usual. So the habs lost on my birthday to the stupid laffs, was a bad way to end my birthday.

My picks for tonight are:

Ana @ NJ ..... Ana

Car @ Was .... Car

Bos @ Buf .... Buf

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The Latest from Atlanta - Defenceman Niclas Havelid was scratched Thursday night with flu-like symptoms. He was replaced in the top pairing by Alexei Zhitnik, who happens to be playing some of his best defense of the season. - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Latest from New York Rangers - RW Brendan Shanahan sat out his third straight game with assorted left leg injuries and is expected to miss the next three as well. Defenceman Marek Malik (left knee bruise) and LW Marcel Hossa (back spasms) are expected to be available to play either tomorrow afternoon at Philadelphia or Sunday afternoon at Washington. - New York Daily News

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Guest hatethoseleafs

Bruins-Sabres PreviewFeb 8, 2008, 7:30 PM ET

The Boston Bruins could use a boost on offense to help them hold off teams like the Buffalo Sabres in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Having Glen Murray back on the ice would certainly help.

With the veteran forward possibly set to return from a nearly seven-week absence, the Bruins look to avoid a second straight loss to the surging Sabres on Friday night.

Boston (27-21-5) has scored a total of just three goals while losing two straight for the first time since Jan. 8-10. The Bruins fell 4-2 to the Sabres (25-21-7) on Tuesday, and lead Buffalo by just two points for eighth and final playoff spot in the East.

Poor power-play execution hasn't helped either. Boston is 0-for-11 with the man advantage in its last three games, including three chances on Tuesday. P.J. Axelsson scored for the Bruins midway through the first period to tie it at 1, but that was all the scoring for Boston until Glen Metropolit's tally with one second to play in the game.

Murray, who has missed 19 straight games with a hip flexor, has been practicing and seems healthy, according to Boston's official Web site.

"We're waiting to see how it goes," said Murray, when asked if he might play Friday. "I've skated hard for three days, I think. And it's been fairly good."

Murray has 10 goals, including four on the power play, and 19 points in 34 games.

Regardless of when Murray returns, the Bruins believe it's only a matter of time before they solve their offensive woes.

"Usually they come in bunches," said Chuck Kobasew, who leads Boston with 19 goals. "If you haven't scored in a while and you get one, a lot of times you will score two. It's a confidence thing."

Not only are the Bruins struggling to find the back of the net, they aren't getting steady play in goal either. All-Star Tim Thomas has allowed seven goals in his last two games after yielding one in four of his previous five contests.

Thomas has started all four of Boston's games against Buffalo this season, going 2-1-1 with a 2.43 goals-against average.

Daniel Paille scored twice, and Thomas Vanek broke a second-period tie for the Sabres on Tuesday. Buffalo followed that up with a 3-2 shootout win over New Jersey the next day for its fifth victory in six games.

"We want to catch these guys," Sabres defenseman Henrik Tallinder said of the Bruins. "It's a really important game for us. We want to come out with a lot of energy and make sure we stay on our toes."

Ryan Miller's outstanding play has played a big role in Buffalo's recent surge. He is 5-0-0 with a 1.57 GAA in his last six games, and is 7-1-1 with a 2.30 GAA in nine career home games versus Boston.

The Sabres will play three of their next four at HSBC Arena, where they are 13-8-2.

Boston and Buffalo have each won two games in regulation against each other after the Bruins won the teams' first meeting this season, 4-3 in overtime on Nov. 1.

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Guest Newfie_Gurrl29

Leafs Report

Game Review


Roster Moves


Tucker Helps TO


Happy Ending For Leafs


McCabe Back


On Friday, the Leafs assigned defenceman Andy Wozniewski and forward Ben Ondrus to the Toronto Marlies of the AHL.

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Guest hatethoseleafs

The Latest on the Senators

Daniel Alfredsson will return on Saturday after missing four games with a hip flexor injury. This will be the first game that the 'Big 3' will be together since January 12th. The Senators won for the first time last night without Alfredsson. Without the captain, the Senators are 1-6 on the year

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Fri Feb 8, 2008

Ducks Devils 7:00 PM ET HHN - 6449

Hurricanes Capitals 7:00 PM ET HHN - 6449

Bruins Sabres 7:30 PM ET HTL - 6372,6445,6456 HHN - 6449

Sat Feb 9, 2008

Rangers Flyers 1:00 PM ET HHN - 6455

Kings Penguins 1:00 PM ET

Red Wings Maple Leafs 3:00 PM ET NG29 - 6457

Islanders Wild 6:00 PM ET

Panthers Bruins 7:00 PM ET

Canadiens Senators 7:00 PM ET HTL - 6458

Hurricanes Devils 7:00 PM ET

Lightning Thrashers 7:00 PM ET HHN - 6455

Scouts needed for the following teams... any takers? Wildcard reports are very welcome :) WILDCARDS...






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Guest d80jcrant

Habs Season Record: 29-17-9 With 67 Points. With 3.18 GFPG And 2.80 GAPG


Habs Home Record: 12-10-5 With 29 Points. With 3.15 GFPG And 2.81 GAPG

Habs Road Record: 17-7-4 With 38 Points. With 3.29 GFPG And 2.79 GAPG


Habs Atlantic Record: 8-4-1 With 17 Points. With 2.92 GFPG And 2.54 GAPG

Habs NorthEast Record: 12-8-1 With 25 Points. With 3.33 GFPG And 2.71 GAPG

Habs SouthEast Record: 8-3-6 With 22 Points. With 3.35 GFPG And 2.82 GAPG

Habs Western Record: 1-2-1 With 3 Point. With 2.50 GFPG And 4.00 GAPG


Habs are 6-3-1 in their last 10 games.

Habs are 6-3-1 in their last 10 Home games.

Habs are 6-2-2 in their last 10 Road games.

Habs are 5-4-1 in their last 10 Atlantic games.

Habs are 6-1-3 in their last 10 SouthEast games.

Habs are 6-1-0 in their last 7 NorthEast games.

Habs are 1-2-1 in their last 4 Western Conf games.

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We got over confident…as feared by many, and confirmed by the bunch of floaters last night. We got over confident, and now we face dropping to sixth with another loss to the re-energized Senators on Saturday, when we play them in Ottawa. A team pushing for first lost to a team barely out of last place. We could have put them out early, with Toskala looking shaky, but we got fancy. I hate to say it but the outcome of the game was deserved by both teams.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good stuff. MN dropped two more points, and we’re still in 4th on NL standings as well as point standings. With a win on Saturday we can get within one point of the Sens once again, and instil some fear into them with two consecutive “W”s.

You can bet your mortgage that the HABS loss last night to the Leafs was as embarrassing to us, as the 8-0 loss was to the Leafs. All logic would state that we will be playing one heck of a game on Saturday. Unfortunately this is the same logic that would have had last night’s game as a no brainer win for the HABS.

Life goes on, the season goes on and we will bounce back like we always do. Only two questions remain:

1) How quickly will we bounce back? Right away or after a couple of losses?

2) When is Koivu booked for the public hanging?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not jumping on the “trade Koivu” band-wagon. However following his embarrassing play on the blue line last night with 30 seconds left, I’m worried what the media and fans will do to him. In case you missed it, or turned off your TV, or simply erased all memories of last night’s game, let me refresh your memory on what happened:

With a little over 30 second left, we have our goalie on the bench already with Koivu as the extra attacker with Kovalev’s line. The Leaf’s are gifted the puck once again and try to clear the zone. Markov intercepts it right outside of the blue line and patiently waits for everyone to clear the zone. Here is where the magic happens.

As everyone is expecting Markov to pass the puck to Komisarek behind him, Markov notices a huge gap along the blue line with 3 red jersey lined up and only two white ones in front of them (but at a distance). So as the smart play maker as he is, Markov makes a cross ice pass to the guy on the other side of the blue line, thus catching the three white jerseys going the opposite way on the opposite side of the ice off foot. Smart play, that should lead to an odd man rush with a good 5-6 second before more white jerseys arrive, which should lead to a a few good scoring chances.

The problem is the guy on the other side of the ice…#11. There is 21 thousand plus people in the stands watching the puck like hungry vulchers. Two benches have their eyes glued to the play with elevated heart rates, and 9 people on the ice playing at 110% trying to win/tie the game. The only one not watching is Koivu. He wasn’t looking up ice, trying to communicate with someone…nothing. As far as I could see, he had his back completely to the play and the puck, and turned around when he saw the puck hit the boards he was gliding towards.

As a Captain, as a player, as a veteran player, as the sixth player on the ice this is simply and utterly unacceptable. I’m upset, disappointed and disgusted with Koivu for that play (which incidentally leads to the 4th TO goal). However I’ll forgive him because I appreciate his contribution to the team over the decade. I’m not going to begin scrutinising him, and judging his whole career based on one play. The loss is far from his fault, and the game was not lost on that one play. But try explaining that to the blood thirsty bunch that look for reasons to hang him out there to dry. Unfortunately he’s not helping him self by being a lazy floater. He works hard more often than many others on the team, but as the Captain he has to work hard ALL the time. That is all I expect from him, and he clearly failed that last night.



as negative sounding as your post is dagz i get what you mean. but none the less...all im going to add to the game i missed is this:

give the angry mobs what they want and koivu is out of here. he wins a stanley cup with another team and they will ask why we ever let him go. theres no winning with them man!

which is why im glad BG is head of this team! will koivu be going anywhere? no, not unless a monster offer comes BG's way and not if captain K and only captain K accepts the deal himself. so as much as people want his head to roll, he remains in bleu, blanc, rouge and hopefully until he retires.(or when they retire #11...or so this general hopes!)

will go toe to toe with the sens again, no doubting the boys got fire but we need more than one offensive line and it seems that unless another miracle kid comes out of hamilton...a trade may be needed for that to happen.


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Guest 1970 Habs

Senators captain Alfredsson is ready to play

OTTAWA (AP) -Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson is ready to return to the lineup - this time for good.

Out with a hip flexor injury for Ottawa's last four - and six of nine - games, Alfredsson said he is healthy and ready for the stretch run. He'll play Saturday against the Montreal Canadiens.

Before their 5-4 victory over the Florida Panthers on Thursday, the Senators had lost all six games this season without Alfredsson, who leads the team with 32 goals and 68 points in 48 games.

Alfredsson was injured Jan. 17 against the Carolina Hurricanes and sat out the next two games. He came back and had a franchise-record seven points in a win over Tampa Bay on Jan. 24 and played in the All-Star game three days later. Alfredsson then aggravated the problem against the New York Islanders on Jan. 29.

Alfredsson is the second of Ottawa's top players to return this week.

Dany Heatley returned from a separated shoulder Thursday. He missed 11 games.

Hamrlik to miss a third game with flu as Canadiens face Senators

MONTREAL - The Montreal Canadiens will be without veteran defenceman Roman Hamrlik for a third straight game when they face the Senators in Ottawa on Saturday night.

Hamrlik is suffering from a viral infection. Coach Guy Carbonneau wants Hamrlik away from his teammates because the illness is contagious.

It leaves the Canadiens without one of their most consistent defencemen for what should be a tough test against an Ottawa club boosted by the return from injury of star forwards Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley.

The Canadiens held off the Senators - minus those two snipers - for a 4-3 win in Montreal on Tuesday night. But the Heatley-Alfredsson-Jason Spezza trio has combined for 18 points against Montreal while forging a 3-1-0 record against their Northeast Division rivals this season.

"He's a big guy who takes up a lot of space and we use him against the other teams' top lines, so losing him hurts us," said Carbonneau.

But it is not only Hamrlik's absence that has led to a letdown in the club's defensive play in the past week.

The Canadiens went 11-2-3 from Dec. 27 to Feb. 2, but since then have surrendered 12 goals while losing two of their last three games. Another loss in Ottawa would match their worst stretch of the season, when they lost three of four games in late November.

It started last Sunday when the Canadiens blew a 3-0 lead to lose 5-3 to the New York Rangers. The win over Ottawa lifted them only one point short of the Senators for the Eastern Conference lead, but they fell to three points back with a 4-2 loss at home Thursday night to the Toronto Maple Leafs while Ottawa was beating Florida 5-4.

"Roman's definitely a big piece of the puzzle, but other teams have also adjusted better (to Montreal), and we're pushing so hard to get out of scoring slumps on some of our lines that sometimes we forget about doing the job defensively," said Carbonneau.

"We've been doing a good job keeping the puck in the offensive zone, but you don't want to get caught with three men deep. The last few games, we got caught a couple of times. Sometimes we're trying to push too hard."

The top line of Tomas Plekanec, Alex Kovalev and Andrei Kostitsyn has accounted for all six goals Montreal has scored in its last two games.

In practice on Friday, it appeared that two-time 30-goal scorer Michael Ryder would end a three-game stretch in the pressbox to reunite with Saku Koivu and Chris Higgins, who together were Montreal's best line last season.

All three have been in slumps of late, producing five goals between them in the last 10 games.

The Canadiens have lost two games in a row in regulation time only once this season - back-to-back defeats at the hands of the Buffalo Sabres Nov. 23 and Nov. 24. That makes the game in Ottawa a bigger test.

"It's not life and death, but it's a big challenge," added Carbonneau. "And it's a way to find out where we stand.

"We've made some strides and we want to keep pushing forward. It was the same last week in New Jersey. Beating them there was a big step."

After rookie Carey Price took the loss against Toronto, veteran Cristobal Huet will be in goal against Ottawa.

The Canadiens also announced they have acquired right-winger Brett Engelhardt from the Detroit Red Wings for forward Francis Lemieux.

The 27-year-old Engelhardt was assigned to Hamilton of the AHL. In 42 games with AHL Grand Rapids this season, he had eight goals and eight assists.

Lemieux had six assists in 33 games with Hamilton.

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Guest 1970 Habs

Canadiens-Senators Preview

Feb 9, 2008, 7:00 PM EST

The return of Dany Heatley to the Ottawa Senators' lineup couldn't come at a much better time. Getting Daniel Alfredsson back is an added bonus.

On Saturday night, Heatley will try to lead Ottawa to its sixth straight home win over the Montreal Canadiens as the top teams in the Northeast Division meet for the second time this week.

Heatley, the Senators' third-leading scorer, missed 11 games with a shoulder injury, and the Senators (33-18-4) managed only 31 goals while losing eight of them, including a 4-3 defeat to the Canadiens on Tuesday.

He was back in action Thursday, contributing two goals and an assist in a 5-4 win over Florida.

"I felt good," said Heatley, who has 27 goals and 59 points in 2007-08. "The first period was just to get back to game pace and a little bit rusty, but the second and third felt a little more comfortable and I got the timing and felt good."

The win, combined with Montreal's 4-2 home loss to Toronto, extended the Senators' division lead over the Canadiens to three points.

"We know the lead is tight here," Ottawa forward Mike Fisher told the Senators' official Web site. "We've got to do what we can to play desperate and start playing with a little more emotion."

Since joining the Senators in 2005 following a trade from Atlanta, Heatley has recorded points in each game at Scotiabank Place against the Canadiens, totaling seven goals and nine assists while leading Ottawa to an 8-2-0 record.

Alfredsson, the Senators' leader with 32 goals and 68 points, has missed the last four games with an injured hip flexor, but on Friday, the team said he would return in this game.

Alfredsson hasn't played since Jan. 29, when he logged an assist in just over 12 minutes during a 5-2 win over the New York Islanders in his first action following the All-Star game. He has three goals and eight assists during Ottawa's current five-game home win streak over Montreal.

The Senators have outscored the Canadiens 24-10 since last losing to them at home on Nov. 13, 2006.

Montreal's top line combined for nine points in Tuesday's win. Tomas Plekanec had two goals and an assist, while Andrei Kostitsyn had a goal and two assists and Alexei Kovalev notched three assists.

"They're just flying out there," Canadiens defenseman Mike Komisarek said. "I'm sure glad I'm not playing against those three guys. They just seem to be finding each other all over the ice. They have great chemistry and they're getting chances and they're burying them, so they're a big reason why we've had so much success this season."

Plekanec had a goal and an assist in Thursday's loss to the Maple Leafs, while Kovalev recorded his team-high 25th goal - the fifth time he's reached that mark.

Rookie Carey Price made 24 saves in his first game since being recalled from Hamilton of the AHL on Monday.

Cristobal Huet, who was in goal for the win over the Senators earlier this week, will likely face them again on Saturday. Huet, who's already registered a career-high 20 wins this season, is 1-4-0 with a 4.11 goals-against average in five career starts at Ottawa.

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Guest hatethoseleafs

Sat Feb 9, 2008

Rangers Flyers 1:00...............Tie

Kings Penguins 1:00...............Kings

Red Wings Maple Leafs 3:00...Wings

Islanders Wild 6:00................Wild

Panthers Bruins.....................Florida

Canadiens Senators...............Habs

Hurricanes Devils...................N.J.

Lightning Thrashers................Atl.

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Guest 1970 Habs

My picks for Saturday February 9th:

NYR @ Philadelphia - Philadelphia

Los Angeles @ Pittsburgh - Tie

Detroit @ Toronto - Detroit

NYI @ Minnesota - Minnesota

Florida @ Boston - Florida

Montreal @ Ottawa - Ottawa

Carolina @ New Jersey - New Jersey

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - Atlanta

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For Saturday

NYR @ Philly.............NYR

Los Angeles @ Pittsburgh.............Pittsburgh

Detroit @ Toronto................Tie

NYI @ Minnesota...............NYI

Florida @ Boston............Florida

Montreal @ Ottawa................Ottawa

Carolina @ New Jersey..............New Jersey

Tampa @ Atlanta................Atlanta

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