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Bruins And Canadiens - Metro Centre, Sunday Sept.23/07 @ 3:00pm


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Guest Greek Hab
Whenever my wife asks me to do something and I say in a couple of minutes...she askes if I mean football minutes or real minutes !!!! :D

Lol, yea...with my friends in Montreal, we discuss the periods after its over during intermission on MSN...before we leave our computers for the Tv, we always say..."Cya in 20 hockey min."

In real time, 20 hockey min. is more like 35 real min.

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Guest Malarkus
Hate to break it to you. But theres alot more people wanting to pay attention to CFL football than pre-season hockey.

ya but since the game is on TV on a sunday its likely that people are not listening to it on the radio ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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