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#40 Maxim Lapierre 2007-08

Guest JL

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Maxim Lapierre, according to Habs Inside/Out, has bulked up to 212 lb for the upcoming season. Nice! Now, let's hope he can contribute a little more offensively playing with linemates like Higgins, or Sergei, or Laraque, or whoever. Go Max!

I would like to know what "diet" and work regime allowed him to gain 16 pounds in 2 months.

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I don't have a link or anything, but I was glad to hear my brother tell me Lapierre was working really hard on his skating this summer. My brother is a coach and knows the guy that is training with Max.

If you feel the need to delete this...go ahead.

I love hearing when Habs are working hard to stay in the lineup (in his case guarantee never to go back to the AHL)

yes I am quoting MYSELF :lol: I tell no lies. GO MAX!!! I am so anxious for hockey I am about to explode. Hearing confirmation that players are doing all they could to be that much better is music to my ears.

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Was on the team 990, You can search this thread, as we discussed it back then when it played on the radio

There might be certain areas, or an area, where you can compare Lapierre & Iginla, but to say that he could be another Iginla. Unbelievable, and it would not be fair to Lapierre to expect anything even close to that. Lapierre was drafted 61st, & Iginla was drafted 11th overall.

Lapierre's last year in junior - GP 69, G 25 A 27, Pts 52. Did not win any major awards in junior.

Iginla's last year in junior - GP 63, G 63, A 73, Pts 136. Won the MVP & Most Sportsmanlike in junior, plus 2 first all star teams.

Lapierre's 1st year in the NHL at age 21. He played 46 games, & had 6 G & 6 A for 12 Pts.

Iginla's 1st year in the NHL at age of 19. He played 82 games, & had 21 G & 29 A for 50 Pts.



Lapierre, IMO, will never be anywhere close to what Iginla is as a player. He just does not have the hockey skills or attributes.

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Hey a guy on team 990 stated it. Not me ;)

I find it rather funny...

A guy that called in stated it. Most of the people that I hear call into 990 don't understand very much about hockey or are overly biased.

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16 pounds in two months?

Assuming it's all fat (probably not), then that's a little less than 2 pounds a week, or a surplus of 1000 calories a day. He was probably drinking a lot of protein shake... and maybe part of it is water weight from consuming a lot of creatine. Creatine users can gain 5-10 lbs of water weight in their first week.

Lapierre is a hard worker so this sounds like good news. I think he'll have 10 more points next season than this.

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