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Alexander Perezhogin


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yah the kid is a solid player we just give up on players quickly

We never gave up on him, He gave up on us. He went for the money in the KHL. He may not have been used properly when he was here but we never gave up on him. A little self discipilne would have gone a long way.

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oh WOW, this is NOT because we didn't give him enough ice time, this is because he was not performing well the whole year and then decided to bolt to russia for MORE money...

I'm sure giving players like Niinimaa and Dandenault shots on the first line ahead of Perezhogin had something to do with it as well.

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Classic Carboaching! :lol:

:lol: great term! :lol:

Too bad they fired him or we could use it more! :P


I don't like this kid and my post point to this very clearly.


The incident was way over blown. Some idot, on the other team, tried to decapitate (with a stick) Perez during a game and missed. Perez did not mis!

I have to tell you that if some ***** tried to decapitate me I would also instinctively swing back. Perez did nothing wrong!!! They other guy missed Perez did not. My take!

Exactly right - and most know by now that Garrett Stafford is a goon and career AHLer.

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