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#76 - P.K. Subban


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Because Hamilton was knocked out of the playoffs.

I don't think that's why. Technically speaking the "Habs Players" subforum should be empty because there is no one on the Habs roster (or well, there is no such thing as the "Habs Roster" at this point in time, but I think it's reasonable to make it "final 2010 roster". So I guess Subban belongs in both "Habs Players" and "In The System", but you can't have one thread in two places.

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I think that the Gill-Subban pairing is good idea. Expect who will cover for them when Subban tries to be risky and pinches send a speedy fwd the other way? Def not Gill! :P

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No, I'm serious. :) I'm not Gill's biggest fan, as I'm sure everyone here knows, but he is a big, solid veteran d-man who plays a stay-at-home game and doesn't take risks ... exactly the right player to pair with a brash, offensive, fast-skating, puck-moving kid like PK who is a little lacking in the size department. The third pairing is the right place for PK to learn his craft at the NHL level next season. If he shows he can handle the minutes, by all means promote him, but I think starting the season on the third pairing with big Hal is the optimal move.

I dont mind the Gill-Subban idea. Ive said for a long time that for Gill to be effective he needs MOBILE partner - thats not Mara (like we saw earlier in the year, oh the humanity) and its really not even guys like Hammer or Spacek. Gill needs someone who is fast & moves well. Gorges was a great compliment, but OK may even be better.

Is he good on the penalty kill?

For some reason I'm inclined to say that he is destined to do well on the penalty kill...

Well, hes both fast AND good positionally, so he certainly has the tools to be good on the PK. Whether he's learned to apply them or not yet, Im not sure.

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Maybe, one day, he could make either the Rookie All-Star Team or the Eastern Conference All-Star Team.

like that matters or counts for anything

Subban will be a wall in this league thats all we need to know

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