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Semi Final: The Most Popular Hab


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Guest ChriS_HigGinS#1

Saku Koivu vs Christopher Higgins:

My vote goes to: Chris Higgins

Andrei Markov vs Mike Komisarek:

My vote goes to: Andrei Markov

If these matchups were reversed I'd be putting Higgins and Koivu to the final for sure. Kinda funny how the favorite players are 2 Americans, a fin and a russian...no favorite Canadian players on our team I guess. haha

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Guest HABSrulzzz

Koivu and Markov

Koivu because he has done alot for the club and city and I choose Markov it was really close but his defencesive ablility takes out Komi's hits

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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