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Competition Signature Habs/leafs/flames/canucks


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Guest The wall fan
Unless due date can be extended until the 4th, I cant make the deadline. I worked today and tomorrow and have Christmas party on Sunday.

it's okay

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Guest ryan.go.habs

Sorry guys im gonna have to pull out of the competition. I kinda rolled my car into a ditch tonight and am not gonna be feeling to well for a while, sorry. But to the rest of you, make the Habs board proud.

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Guest The wall fan

I've closed the votes!

The winner are

Chara : Bud2790 (habs) win on each side

Crosby : LFF (leafs) win on leafs and nucks side

Fedorov : Virk101 (nucks) win by default

Kovalchuk : FK (nucks )win on leafs and nucks board

Lecavalier : AK (habs) win on each board

Ovechkin : Potlach (leafs) win on leafs and habs board

Tootoo : Leaf Rex (habs) win on nucks dans habs board

Zetterberg : ColRouléBleu (habs) win on nucks and habs board

Next round :

Bud2790 vs LFF

Virk101 vs AK

FK vs ColRouléBleu

Potlach vs Leafs Rex

i'll post the pic soon!

Finally i've choose to take the sig that win on at least 2 boards to be the winner

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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