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If you provide the pictures, I can do something like this for you ...


I might lose track of this thread and I'm in the middle of some other stuff right now, but I think I can squeeze it in if you can get back to me soon enough. Probably best to PM me, so I catch it right away.

Alright thanks a lot..... i will find a couple and you can choose which ones would work better.... again thanks so much

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I have a strange problem with my avatar. Maybe one of you can help. I had a Kovalev avatar originally and then I tried changing it by uploading a file from my computer. I know what I am doing as I have done this on many forums before. I can't seem to get the new picture to replace the Kovalev one. I can change my avatar to one of the stock images that the board maker provides, but not an image saved on my computer. Every time I try to put up one of my own pictures, it says that it worked, but the Kovalev picture is what actually displays. Anyone know what is going on here?

I spoke too soon. It appears that it has finally been replaced after trying countless times. Problem solved.

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Guest Lizardking89

I don't remember who made me my avatar but it's gone now I kgot a new computer and didn't save it since it was made for me. It had Go Habs Go with a pic of Roy holding the cup. If the person who made it for me still has it on their photobucket or PC could you please post it here I'd very much appreciate it.

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