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Montreal @ Atlanta | Dec. 22 2007 | Final: 3-2 Atlanta (S/O)


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Tomorrow is the big game. Why?

Cause it's december 23rd.....our WORST day. we can't win on that day. i forgot the stat....but wasn't it that the habs haven't won on that day in like...10 years?

Tonight should be two points, habs have to play. Fact is, habs are so dumb for losing so many in a row, that they need 4/4 points here to go into the break with high confidence.

Last year, on the 23rd, our 5 game winning streak was snapped against Boston, and we....kept losing after.

actually we havent won on the road on dec 23 since the 1940's

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To be fair they are each giving their own opinion which is going to vary a lot from person to person. The best way to watch the game is probably not to listen to the announcers at all. I know they can sway my opinion on things I see or don't see.

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The Habs hate Rebeiro as much as we do so motivation will not be a problem. I look for Komi to wallpaper him tomorrow night. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!

got a game tonight to deal with first

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Guest habsgal
the despription of habs hockey is better for each of us in the language each of us prefers to hear it :P

habs hockey is better when played well ... period

I don't care if it's in Japanese - I'll still watch my Habs. :P
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