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If You Had To Be A Hockey Player.......


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Guest Garthy18

Position: Right Wing

Stick: Right handed

Number : 39 or 93

Team: Habs of course with a huge no trade clause and I would be willing to play for way less than my value to get it as playing for the Habs would be like winning the lottery.

Height 5'9" weight 200 pounds.

Style: Fiesty quick skater who's happy to drop the gloves

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Guest 77Bourque77

lol i was bored so i put what equipment i would use too

Team: Habs/Avs

Position: Left Wing

Stick: Left (Nike Bauer Vapour XXX-Light)

Number: 77 (Right side tucked in)

Skates: Nike Bauer Supreme One90

Gloves: Eagle X70

Pants: Graf 300 Series

Helmet: Nike Bauer 5500 with a Okaley Straight Visor

Playin style: When i play hockey, i usually find my self as a grinder, with good defence, and some offencive upside.

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Guest Lafleurfan2

If I was good enough to be a Hockey Player this is what I would want.

position : right wing

Stick : right

Jersey : either 10 or 42

Team : Montreal

Helmet : Bauer with a Visor.

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position: left wing/center

stick: left

jersey number: 27 or 42(hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, anyone?)

team: i don't care, as long as i get to play and enjoy it

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Position: checking forward

Stick: Left

Number : 22

Team: whichever, though i have my favorites (duh)

Height 5'11" 150 (clearly if i were a professional hockey player i'd weigh a little more than 150...haha)

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Guest Brisebois

Position: in the penalty box :D , I guess left winger, enforcer

Stick: left

Number: 8 (but Komi wouldn't give it to me) so I'd take 25 or 43

Heigt 5'10'' weight 230 lbs

Team: 2 teams, the Habs and whoever plays the Leafs

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Guest old whaler fan..go habs

I do play here in Hartford

position- Goalie

catch- Left

number- 29

jersey- whalers road blue

and for a pro team....the same positon,number and playing for the new Hartford Whalers....dream game- sweeping the canes to win the cup and then flipping off Karmanos and Bettman while I skate by holding the cup....ahhhhhh, that would be awesome

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Guest .scott.

Position: Goalie


Jersey:1 or 29 (Although they are retired)

Team: Montreal or Chicago

Position: Left Wing or Left D

Stick: Left

Jersey: 9, 18 (Rugby number) or 92 (Born in)

Team: Montreal or Chicago

My favourite all time jersey is Chicago's then Habs, but my favourite team is Montreal.

I gotta go for both.

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Guest powerplay2009

positon: Left Wing

stick: Left


Team: Anybody but Wings, Anehiem, Toronto, BOston, NYR, or tampa. i know, long list

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Guest privateserver

Position: Goalie



Team: any team other then Toronto

Height: 6'4

Weight: 200


Position: Defensemen


Style: Complete

Height: 6'6


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Guest habs_4_9_10

Last year, when I played hockey I liked to compare myself to Ryder or Lats style of player. I scored something like 10 goals in 25 games and all of those we're loose puck in front of the net :P . I wasn't the greatest playmaker but I wasn't that bad.


Right of Left winger

Right stick controler

Number: 8 or 66

Teams: Detroit, Anaheim, Minnesotta, Montréal.

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Guest DVRichard

Position: Defense, PK specialist

Shoot: Right

Number: 99 or 61 because 9 and 16 are retired but I would want to honor them somehow.(notice my last name)

Team: Habs of course

Style/work ethic: Refer to Mike McPhee, IMO one of the most underrated players to wear the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge!

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Guest 1stroundpick

6'5" Left Handed Centerman (I am)

Jersey # 15


Playmaker with a great wrist and snap shot...slap shot needs work .

Rookie season 30 g 50 *****

sophmore season 41g 59 *****

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