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Super Bowl Xlii


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Guest LarryRobinson

27 hours away. The hype is almost over, the game is almost here. My money is on Pats covering the spread, although I think the G-men will keep it close. 17-7 at half. 34-20 final.

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I hate the superbowl :P but I am going with the Giants, just to see the Patriots come up short after having a perfect season :D I know I'm a jerk ;)

:lol: !!!

For me, I think the Pats will win it all... but I actually dont care who will take it home.

I just hope it will be a good game, no blowout.

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Guest ChuckNorris
someone probably said that when the Dolphins won it all ;) and no doubt someone will do it again if the Pats go all the way tomorrow.

Well the dolphins won 17 straight (14-0 in reg season), and they played in a league with no salary cap. In today's NFL system, you'd have to play 2 more games and deal with the ridiculous parity in order to stay perfect.

IMO if the pats don't go perfect this season, no other team in my lifetime will even get close to perfection.

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Guest HabSteve

this is boring giants football

this is why I hate them! :angry:


Have to say they are playing good defense against the Pats and Brady hasn't reached superhero status yet

Where's Randy moss??

1 quarter left


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Guest HabSteve

don't think Brady will be able to get another rabbit out of his hat

All of the suden I wish Vinatiera was still with the Patriots ;)

they look like they are going for the TD all the way

sure look arrogant, all they need is a FG!!!!!!

or they don't trust that kid..

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