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Can you say... Umberger ? :huh::angry:<_<:(
Make that... Biron-Umberger... great at horseshoes IMO.

Now that I've digested the turn of events, I must say I'm still very proud of our Habs and all that they did accomplish in 2007-2008... and I can't wait to be back watching every game they play next year.

It has been a great ride :D

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I liked the habs this year. My devotion to the theory of probability should help me to get over this unlucky end of the season, cause if the event has not 0 probability of happening it CAN happen even when the probability is low. My main concern now is for the habs to do not repeat the Buffalo root of the last 3 years. They remind me Buffalo of 3 years ago very much.

Thank habs - the GM, the coaching stuff, the scouting, the players for the wonderful year. Our (MN) playoffs are still running but they are not the same now.

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Disapointing end to an outstanding season. The hope for the future lives on with this team. Many lessons and valuable experience were gained this year, and the boys WILL BE BACK.

Enjoy the summer guys. ;)

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Well now that I've digested everything that has come to pass, I can sit back and give a sound opinion of the season and playoffs past.

What a remarkable team. They overcame several obstacles, outperformed every critic's expectations (including the Montreal based ones), and accomplished something worthy of praise and optimism. This young team has been put together looking at the future. The main objective this year (let's all be very honest and look back at our attitudes in the pre-season) was for the team to grow up together, bring in a few more young guns from Hamilton and give them NHL experience, squeeze in to the playoffs and gain some experience in the post season, and mainly allow this infant team to blossom into an NHL caliber team in order to put together a solid run for the cup for the centennial cup. Any one of us would have been happy with a story line similar to this, and would easily have labeled it a triumphant season.

Now looking back, this very very young team, full of rookies and second year players, who incidentally finished the last third of the season with the youngest goal tending tandem in the league has accomplished it's objectives. It had the highest number of rookies and players under 25 in the league (maybe second behind LA..not sure) a rookie goal tender and a back-up who might as well be labeled a rookie, a second year coaching staff, etc... With logic dictating the odds were against the HABS favor to make the playoffs, we made it...and with style. Winning the Conference title was a blessing and a curse. Having won the title will provide the players with a culture of winning. Incidentally, I believe starting the playoffs as the conference champs might have instilled a smidgen of nervousness amongst the players...especially the young ones, which was one of a few main contributory factors in our "almost" demise in the post season against the Bruins, and an elimination against the Flyers. However, in the balance of things, having won the Conference championship is a title worthy of immense pride for our team, city and fans, but also is a significant sign of riches to come in the future.

This team is, in my humble and very biased opinion, the team with the brightest future in the league today, and it will only get better. This summer's UFA signings will undoubtedly yield more interests in the local team. With Gainey and his team at the top, this team will continue to grow steadily, with steps it can sustain. In other words, we will NEVER have a JFJ type shopping spree where we jeopardize our future for gains today. We will always get better, in small steps mind you, but never backwards.

So how do I summarize the season and the team...ahead of their time. We clearly skipped a year in our development, which means the cup should come home that much sooner.


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Thanks HLD ... that kind of cheered me up a bit.

It was definitely the most exciting season that I've experienced in my somewhat short time as a fan, and at the same time one of the hardest. After last year's results, all I kept hearing from the other people in my house was how I was wasting my time following a team that would never make the playoffs and wasting money on flags and t-shirts ... it feels amazing to have proved them wrong :D

I told myself that no matter where we ended up in the playoffs, I would be happy simply for how far we got during the regular season, and it's great to be able to look back and see those eastern conference standings.

I'm already anxious for the start of the next season ... boy are the next 5 months going to be long! :lol:

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