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New York Rangers @ Montreal | Feb. 19 2008 | Final: 6-5 Habs (s/o)


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Guest QbGamer
lol just heard Komisarek on CKAC

"I don't know what to tell you guys it's just an unbeliveable team effort, i don't know what to say"

the guy was laughing and really didn'T know what to say to every question thrown at him

Komi begin and even lil s kostitsyn had a huge gane thriowing ther ebody around

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so Ryder didn't get the hat trick afterall? I know it went off Streit, but when they didn't change it I was sure they would leave it alone.

nah, no hattrick, but lots of hats nonetheless.

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Guest Goodtown
two, three, who cares? He led the way for the biggest comeback in Habs history.

Dirty goals? You just can't find it in yourself, even in the face of this amazing game, to give him any credit, can you?


I can, Ryder played one of his best games in a Habs uniform!

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Something told me not to give up on this game.


I'm a believer. I feel bad for the people who copped out early!


Its funny you say that, after I posted on here that I was heading off, I kinda felt like I should continue watching. So I turned the tv back on and watched the rest of the game from the end of the 2nd. I'm really glad I did now.

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WOW!!! That was the most amazing game to watch..

Big ups to Micheal Ryder first and formost.. I ripped this guy on here earlier today.. Nothing I love more then when a player on our team makes me eat my words.. They taste pretty good right now let me tell ya... He had jump he was skating he had a great effort and he SHOT THE PUCK.. Maybe it wasn't a Hat trick if it hit Striet but he threw the puck at the net and on 3 ocassions good things happed. ATTA BOY RYDER!!! And at a perfect time less then 6 days away from the deadline his stock just went up.. but I tell you what if he plays like that maybe I changed my mind maybe I want to keep him.. depending on what we can get of corse.

Kovalev wow he continues to do what he does best.

Andrei Kostitsyn Wow his effort and skating where amazing tonight. Same for Striet.

Markov was tipping the puck to the right places all night.

Komi and Begin where huge physical impact players tonight.

Striet looked great.

Big Up to Huet for standing tall throw the comeback.. atta boy Huet way to show your stuff. Looks like you will be starting on Thursday and you deserve it fantastic in the Shoot out.

I can go on and on I am so Proud of this team..



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That was the best comeback I have ever seen in my life.The habs showed alot of heart fighting back and MMW this game was the turning point for them.The Rangers just awakened a monster.

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Guest HabSteve
Anyone know where I can get the video of the post-game stuff? Like with interviews that they do and everything?

try RDS later

Carbo on CKAC right now

little summary: didn't like the first half, loved the 2nd, gave the credit to the players

gave the "Toyota turning point" of the game to the effort of Steve Begin, credited Ryder

was still laughing during the press conference

said last year they would have probably packed in but not this year

said they are starting to "tame" this crowd and then CKAC cut him :P

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Guest Un_Lavalois

Oh... <_< My... :unsure: God! :P:DB)




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Guest keithman

Whoever CANNOT give RYDER credit tonight should be slapped.

RYDER brought us back in this game, i dont' care if he shot a puck in the air and it hit off 21,000 fans and then went in the net, IT WENT IN

and he gave us momentum.


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