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Montreal @ San Jose | Mar. 3 2008 | Final: 6-4 San Jose + Officials


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Guest privateserver
I checked out your best song and best music vid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all I can say is

to each their own :huh:

I was being sarcastic lol, most poeple dont like rap.

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Guest Khadgar
Really, I went their at it said, "Online now: Passion". Maybe they're making a mistake.Yep, they were making a typing mistake. They're airing the Habs game.

Thanks for that. Too bad 1-0 sharks.Boourns! Why can't we beat the west teams?

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Guest QbGamer

were scored on and guess who was on the ice other then markov

Markov has been on the ice for the past 21/29 goals against


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