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Montreal @ San Jose | Mar. 3 2008 | Final: 6-4 San Jose + Officials


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Guest habgab
Holy lord 2-1 Sharks already??? Give me an update please??

Koivu giveaway, poor defence, goal.

Smokes trips Price, Price lies on the ice, goal.

That about sums it.

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Guest Blockoman
Was the second goal bad?

The second goal was awful. Smolinski tripped Price, Koivu coughed up the puck, and Thornton bounced it off Price into the net.

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Guest Hoyle00cdn


Why is it always the French with us.

Marleau has a total of 4 points in his last 12 game, having a horrible season, but 15 seconds into the game he scores a beauty.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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