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Montreal @ San Jose | Mar. 3 2008 | Final: 6-4 San Jose + Officials


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Guest habsrule4eva3089

it better not be a blowout...once i remember a game in vancouver and we were down like 4-0 in 4 minutes.... 2 or 3 years ago.... we never seem to go well in the diffferent time zone...THAT CHANGES TONIGHT!!!

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Guest maples

Closer to gametime. Important games in Phoenix, Anaheim and San Jose. The last two mentioned are key because it is the last time this season that we can measure our teams strengths and weaknesses against the West.

Our guys are flying. So, lets see what we can do against these teams that will be in the Western Conference playoffs.

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Guest timafurry


I just got back from the mall, doing my taxes and what not, then I see the score.

10-4 Caps over Booins!!!!!!!!!! LOL OMG

Man, that is soooo brutal. Aaahahhahaha.

Oh man, I love it.

Looks like the Booins got TAXED by the men on Capital Hill!!

GO HABS GO!!!!!!

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Guest Jose23
Next time just check out the Huet Thread ;)

huet jus wants the rest of the night off, to give kolzig some action as he needs it.. huet knowz he'z #1!

todays game against san jose should be a really good test for us.. i jus feel.. something bad's gonna happen..

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Guest keithman

damn boston was run over tonight. they'll bounce back to beat the leafs though i hope. I don't care for them at all, but i want them to beat the leafs.

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Guest GoHabsGo57
One good thing about this 10:30 start,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it's the only one we have :D

yeah tell me about it! 4 years since a 10:30 Habs game............UPDATE: 1-0 DUCKS! :D

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