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Penalty Shot Then 2 Minute Penalty?

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Guest fansince1975

The league keeps talking about more scoring. There are more penalty shots today then 20 years years ago. However a large portion of the penalty shots are stopped by the goalie.

Why not then give the team a 2 minute powerplay if the player did not score?

Right now it is possible that a team could on purpose put there hand on the puck in the crease, knock the net off on purpose or pull down a player with better then 50% chance the goalie will stop the penalty shot. It does not seem fair that the team not only does not get the goal against for a serious infraction but is further hurt by not being able to pressure the other team for 2 minutes. Otherwise the team should have the option to take a 2 minute penalty instead of the penalty shot. The benefits of the 2 minute penalty might be greater and the negative of not scoring on the penalty shot are not felt by the team not scoring.

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I'm not sure if they should get both, but I am 100% for letting the team choose one or the other when it was a breakaway.

I agree a team should get a choice if it was a breakaway. For example, say there was 2 minutes left in a game, and the Habs are up by 1, Steve Begin gets a breakaway, is hauled down going in, it would be better for the Habs to take the PP there, and end the game up a man, then to have Begin take the penalty shot, which if the opposition goalie stops give their team momentum.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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