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Round 1, Game 4: Montreal @ Boston | Apr. 15 2008 | Final: 1-0 Habs


who will win?  

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  1. 1. who will win?

    • habs win
    • bruins win

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Guest vegasrick
It's mental right now and that's what scares me.

You just can't turn confidence on like that.

....perhaps not, but you certainly can block out FEAR. We are giving these bums WAY too much respect. Where's our fearless play that we had in game one? Carbo needs to hire a psychologist or something....our team could be an absolute powerhouse if it just lost its fear of the opponent.....

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Guest QbGamer
Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Kovalev

Latendresse - Higgins - Kostitsyn

Begin - Smolinski - Kostopolous

Streit - Lapierre - Dandenault

ok thanks

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Guest carey31price
Better Huet than Price...

Now Habs get some goals

Sorry I meant poor Huet fans...

Now we all know why we should trust in Gainey :D Price all the way!

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Guest thefooligan5
You might want to read the comments people are making in this thread, they are the same commenst that Mclean and Hrudly are making , that Habs are not playing well.

Good thing is the score is tied

And they usually follow up a stinker of a period with a half decent one


Oh, Regis, I'm afraid that is not very comforting :)

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Guest moe181

*is sad*

I want the highest (well 2nd) scoring team back!

Where are those habs? The one's that would own Boston game in game out? Boston hasn't changed in case they haven't noticed. They can still barely muster any offense, their players are SLOW, and to be honest they're all extremely ugly (i.e. the great hunchback of Boston)

So what are you waiting for habs, go out there and crush those tiny little boston spirits. Let them know they can't keep up with our speed, and skill.

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Guest whiteghost

man are you people watching the same game, the habs are stinking the joint out. We have been lucky so far and if this team doesn't wakeup we'll be tied 2 to 2 and lucky if we can in this series.

This is the 3rd game in a row now, come on!!!!

Boys wakeup!!!!! you are number 1!!!!

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Guest HabSteve
Let's try and aim for the net shall we?


let's take shots from in front and stop all those shot from the side, they don't all have kovalev-like shots

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Guest Habnuck
See, at times like this, Saku Koivu would skate his heart out and lead the team to at least play like champions....

ITA with this post, I wish he was playing, let's hope he's better soon

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Guest thefooligan5
Jesus... even Komi starts making mistakes..

i feel like maybe the habs are spoiled because they have such great ice at home and the ice in boston is not so great.

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