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Round 1, Game 6: Montreal @ Boston | Apr. 19 2008 | Final: 5-4 Boston


who will win?  

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Guest bigsby
What game? Did the Habs play last night? Weird ... must have blocked it out somehow ... surely there was no game Thursday ...


We could remember all the previous meltdowns of recent seasons.....we could remember how terrible we played in games 2, 3, 4 and 5.....


We could just start with a clean slate and play our game no matter what.

Obviously, except for reviewing the tape to correct the mistakes, putting a horrible performance or two....or three....or four....behind us is best right now. We're still the number one seed from the East....all we have to do is play like it.

We've been shaking our heads at all the inconsistency all season long, and even with all that, there was enough talent and enough leadership for us to finish first, with the #1 power play and most goals scored. Surely we can get back to our old form.....right?

But what I'd like to believe is this: You know how sports are so exciting and unpredictable....that's why we like to watch the games live....to witness the unfolding of thrilling and dramatic moments, with our favorite team hopefully coming out on the winning end. Well, maybe, just maybe, the stage is being set for yet another incredible Saku Koivu comeback right when we need it most. As long as he's been our Captain, I have held the belief that when (not if) he hoists Lord Stanley, not only all Montreal fans will cheer, but the entire hockey world will cheer with us, along with a large population of many other professional sports. Not many pro athletes can boast of the types of challenges he has risen above, so it will certainly be a great day for both sports and society in general when it happens. And this could be the season....right now!

So, I sure would like to see our beloved Captain return in fine form and lead his -- and our -- team forward past this first round challenge and on to much bigger and better things. It could all start with one win. One win we need now more than ever.


great post! wooohooo! we miss you koivu!

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Guest habsrule4eva3089

SAKU is in the lineup... Marinaro from team990... and i usually doubt him but he's been right everytime about these unknown facts... SO SAKU IS IN!!! WHO GONNA STOP US NOW

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Guest GoHabsGo_CanucksAreChoking
SAKU is in the lineup... Marinaro from team990... and i usually doubt him but he's been right everytime about these unknown facts... SO SAKU IS IN!!! WHO GONNA STOP US NOW


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Guest ForeverGuyLafleur
SAKU is in the lineup... Marinaro from team990... and i usually doubt him but he's been right everytime about these unknown facts... SO SAKU IS IN!!! WHO GONNA STOP US NOW

If this is true, then watch out Boston! :D


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Guest hablover
It was Price's first regulation lost since 13 March. He is human and entitled to a loss. Habs take it in 6 games

second time he has had a brain cramp in the series....

i won't entitle him to a bad game because in the playoffs, there is no room for bad games....

he's been playing good, i will give him that, heck, he's been playing great

BUT....he cannot have games like that in the playoffs.....

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Guest CanadianMike

I will keep my big mouth closed this time (I was sure it was over in 5). :(

All I will say is NO GAME 7 and GO HABS GO.

that's it. No predictions (even if I got a couple right including Kovy scoring the 1st goal last game).

my mouth is shut I tell you... SHUT!!!


yeah I am still very bitter about last night's lack of effort.

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Guest moe181


Weather was awesome here in Toronto today, sunny skies, 24 degrees girls walking around in short shorts... I tell you it was awesome.

Anyways if its true saku is coming back then I'm so happy :D

The poor guy hasn't played in any of the last 9 habs playoff games!

So, I'm really excited to see him play.

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Guest vegasrick
great post vegasrick, i applaud the positiveness of it and really , that's all we need, stay positive and behind our team! but please, can you scratch game 4 from your list of terrible play, that game was a gem! ;)

Game 4? You mean the game 4 where we gave up two 2-on-1s, a 2-on-0 (gasp!), and a breakaway to the Bruins on OUR power play? I just can't put that in the "gem" category of how I rate games. If not for Price, who was certainly a gem in that game, and the B's missing some wide open nets, we lose that one rather handily.

My "gems" this season were the "comeback" (not the first part of it, obviously), the 4-0 blanking of the Devils (the ONLY full sixty-minute masterful effort all season), the first two periods of the Senators game where we went up 7-1, and beating Boston eight times out of eight.

But we do need to stay positive. If we just get back to our game, we can win. If Saku comes back, he can help us get back to our game, and that will help us win the series.

At this point, I feel the need to say that I really sympathize with the fans on this forum who, just being human, emotional, and living and dying with the team, get totally disgusted when the boys don't play as well as they can....I really do. To me, that emotion is real. When that disgust is expressed on this forum, I think it's okay because at least it's honest and it's talk about the team and the game. It might not be the most "postitive" thing in the world to say, but most criticism isn't. It's the other comments which are posted by fans who supposedly don't like all the "negativity" and "poison" that resembles trolling to me. If someone didn't like a comment, they could just not read it any more, and surely not quote it or post more comments about the fan(s) in question. Plus, they are no longer talking about the team or the game any more, but about certain fans' attitudes, or what makes a "real" fan. I believe that's insulting. Oh, well, I guess this is just human nature, or what makes the world go 'round..... <_<

But getting back to the game at hand, wouldn't it be crazy if our series was the only one that went seven games? Pittsburgh has moved on, the Rangers have moved on, even the Flyers could make quick work of Washington. To go seven games has typically meant that the players would be a bit more worn down and have to play with less rest. And yet, I think an extended series might actually be beneficial for the young guns on the team so they get more experience....not to mention that the Habs seem to have a pattern of NOT playing a better game when they have more rest. So, in a kind of weird way, this could all still work out to the team's benefit.....and will definitely make for a more exciting and dramatic Cup run.

Now.....we all need to close our eyes, and visualize Saku Koivu hoisting the Cup.....that's right, picutre him at center ice at the Bell Center......picture the fans going crazy......try to keep the image of Gary Bettman out of mind......mmmmm.......now breathe deeply.......ahhhhh........that's a nice thought.

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Guest WindsorHab#10

Leaders on this team must step up and lead game 6 from beginning to end. With all due respect to the Bruins, we have let them back into this series by looking too far ahead. As for Koivu coming back, I'm sure Carbo will not pressure him and it will be strictly Koivu's decision. We definitely miss his presence on the PP as it has been useless and we've been giving Boston good scoring chances while shorthanded. I'd like to see the team key in on Marc Savard, shut him down and hopefully end it Saturday. Not looking forward to a game 7.

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