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Need Help Looking For Habs Shirt...

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Guest LilWinger

By "for girls", do you mean the pink ones, or just in girls' sizes? The Bell Centre Boutique has the pink and lavender girls/womens shirts, but not every player. La Capsule Sportive in Eaton Centre has pink, light blue, and red (womens' sizes, IIRC, but they looked like they ran pretty small), but again, not every player. I know between both places I saw the female shirts with #8, 11, 21, 84, and 31- I don't remember seeing either Kostitsyn except in the mens' sizes.

The number for the Boutique is 1-800-363-8162. You could call and ask which players they have in which sizes.

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Guest SKostitsyn74

According to what I know, Go to the bell center in one of the boutique in the male section for the T-Shirt, because I have one of Sergei like that and it's a male t-shirt...If you want a Blue one and a Kostitsyn you should go in the male section...

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Thanks for all your help, the thing is I don't want the male one because it's too big!!!

I guess I will wait until next season, might as well buy a jersey! lol

Did you look at the kids' sizes? If the mens' S is too big, the kids' L or XL might be more the fit you're looking for.

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