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Guest FlHabsFan

Recent ones ive seen

Hot Fuzz - Funny with a twist.

I am Legend - Good movie with a surprising ending

The Mist - Typical Stephen King. Good thriller movie. I cant give my opinion of the ending without giving it away.

30 days of night - Typical Vampire movie. Twisty ending

Cloverfield just came out. Its godzilla meets blair witch project.

Cant go wrong with 300. Not sure if "Meet the Spartans" is out yet.

Sweeney Todd looks good. Typical Johnny Dep/Tim Burton movie (I think theyve worked together on like 20 movies now) Waiting for this to hit ppv next week.

Sci-Fi wise, Dragon Wars was pretty cool. It started out weak, but it got better towards the end of it. (Dinosaurs with missle launchers on their back!)

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I watched Untraceable this weekend, and that one was really good.

Also, I watched Orphanage, it's all in Spanish, but it has English subtitles, if you can get around the subtitles that was an excellent movie. I really only noticed the subtitles for the first 5 minutes, after that I was pretty into it and didn't even notice them anymore.

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