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Just to add to it, he'll be burnt out by the time playoffs come around if people really expect him to put up top 4 minutes throughout the season.

In all respect, I think you are tremendously underestimating what Schneider is still capable of.

I'm not sure if he deserves his salary, but he's still a heck of a hockey player.

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Why does everyone want a 39 year old defenceman so badly? The guy is way past his prime and he's going to get even worse with these new compact schedules this season.
He's injury prone... look at his stats... not worth the risk at his age or cap hit no matter how much he could, but maybe would not contribute if he's lost to injury yet again IMO. He's averaged only 63 games per season over the course of his career... 66.5 the last two seasons.

I think BG is wise to stay away from this one... and look elsewhere.

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Isn't Brisebois an offensive d-man?

He's also a few years younger than Schneider, I was as upset as anyone when he left Montreal, but I'm not too sure that at his age, he'll be worth his salary.

I agree with the majority when you say that we could/should move dandy and/or Boullion for some offensive talent, probably for the same or at a lower cost.

I kind of see why BG is keeping these guys... They're both Quebec boys who are fan favorites. Boullion does commercials on french TV, and, getting rid of players like Boullion, Dandy and/or Begin might cause the french media to turn on Bob. It's a touchy situation, the french fans haven't had a Lafleur or a Richard in about 20 years, these guys are the closest thing, getting rid of them might cause tension. Remember Niniima, he was a marked man before he even put on skates... Ribiero fans were on his back from day 1. He ended up being a flop and we all know how Ribiero did in Dallas, but that's besides the point.

Getting Tanguay was a great move on BG part, gave the french fans someone to root for, plus gives the team a great play maker. To be honest, I wouldn't wanna be an english GM in Montreal. BG's done a great job trying to keep everyone happy, while giving us a winning team.

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I don't think there's much more to it than our defense is good and it seems GMs in the East don't seem to get that a 'good' defense isn't good enough anymore. Tampa has lived by that philosophy for years (and the new owners are even worse). Pittsburgh fell into that trap last year. Honestly, our defense is comparable to the good teams in the East, but I don't think that's good enough.

There's a reason why the East has all the Crosby's, Ovechkins, and other superstars and yet the West is always considered the tougher conference: defense.

I don;t think Bob underestimates the need for defense.

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I'd rather trade for Nick Boynton as our 4th d-man than picking up Schneider. Boynton would be a perfect fit for the Habs. He has only a cap hit of 2.950 million, has size and is a right-handed shooter. Florida is stacked on defense this season and probably needs some help up front or a talented prospect on defense who could take over next year when Bouwmeester, Skrastins and Boynton will be UFA anyways.

Maybe something like Latendresse + Bouillon (to have a veteran for this season) and a pick for Boynton works. Or probably Mathieu Carle (we could afford to lose him with Valentenko and Weber in our system) + Bouillon (till Carle is ready for them next season) and a low pick for Boynton.

Our defense could look like this:

Markov - Komisarek

Hamrlik - Boynton

Gorges - O'Byrne

7th d-man Brisebois

That would give us some nice size on the d.

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Guys I think that many of us here are being too impatient. Bob probably, like myself, would like to see what our defensive core can bring to the table before he decides to asses it. We have some young defenders who are expected to improve; Komisarek, Gorges, O'Byrne, and possibly someone from the minors. I dont think Bob is expecting any of these players to come close to putting up Streits offensive input. I think what he wants is a defensive corps that can make the strong outlet pass to our sterling offense and play tight in our zone. I also think he expects our forwards to have a larger impact in the defensive area than most, if not all, other teams.

As far as Schnieder goes, we are gonna have how many free agents to sign at seasons end? Its great that we picked up a center that we can drop at seasons end if we so choose because it was a gaping hole in our system but signing Schnieder would be one more issue come the offseason. We would have to resign/replace Komi, Saku, Kovalev, Lang, and Schnieder. So, the logical way to deal with this situation is to wait and see if it is a situation that really does need addressing first. Patience is how Gainey got us to the top of the standings, so lets all give it a chance hmm?

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Man we sure dont give Boullion the respect he deserves, they dont call him Frank the Tank for no reason.

He gives it everything he has every game, hes like 5'9" and plays like hes 6'3". And he has some offensive upside

Lets cut him a break, MMW if we put him on the PP with markov we have a new onetimer guy from the point who can also move the puck. Im sure we will see it this year.

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I don't think BG is interested in Schneider. Currently Montreal has Markov, Komi, Hammer, Brisebois, Gorges, Dandenault, Bouillon, and O'Byrne under contract. That is 8 defencemen for maximum of 7 roster spots. Montreal also has Valentenko, Subban, Weber, Carle, and Belle who might be ready for the NHL. Montreal also has several prospects in Russia and US college that might be ready next season.

Would Schneider be an asset to the PP and overall defence? Probably yes. However the Schneider salary and his age make trading for him difficult hence the placing on waivers by the Ducks.

I don't think any team will pick up Schneider. On re-entry waivers at half salary there will be some interest. Will Montreal be one of the interested teams? I doubt it. Montreal does not have enough cap space to cover Schneider half salary and Montreal would need to trade or waive or buyout at least two players to get under the salary cap AND 23 man roster.

Offensive defencemen that MIGHT be available via a trade. My list based on the top 30 offensive defencemen last season.

Aucoin, Adrian (Flames are over the cap, $4 million cap hit, UFA end of the season, BG could make a trade with Sutter similar to Tanguay trade)

Kaberle, Tomas (Toronto is "trying" to get last place so why keep a good puck moving D, Montreal has some good prospects that a rebuilding team might like, $4.25 million cap)

Kubina, Pavel (Toronto is "trying" to get last place so why keep a good puck moving D, Montreal has some good prospects that a rebuilding team might like, $5 million cap)

Kronwall, Niklas (Detroit is over the salary cap with 21 man roster, $3 million cap hit)

Bouwmeester, Jay (would be shocking if he is not on the market as he is UFA next summer and likely will leave Florida)

I think that BG can land Aucion, Kaberle, Kubina, Knonwall or Bouwmeester via a trade. I would guess that Kronwall or Aucion would be the easier targets as both Calgary and Detroit are over the salary cap and therefore might take a draft pick or prospect or salary trade to make the deal happen.

My trade suggestions:


Bouillon ($1.875 million, UFA end of season)

MTL 3rd round pick 2010

Montreal buyouts Dandenault contract for $600k each of the next two seasons saving $1.15 million this coming season

Adrian Aucion ($4 million, UFA end of season)


Toronto has lots of available cap space so taking on salary is not a problem for the Leafs this season. They are rebuilding and want to get #1 pick next summer.

Bouillon ($1.875 million, UFA end of the season)

Dandenault ($1.725 million, UFA end of the season)

Weber or Subban (currently not on the roster)

1st or 2nd round pick 2009

Karberle or Kubina ($4.25 million or $5 million cap hit with 3 / 2 seasons remaining)

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Ok, We've created a new Sub forum (Habs Hotstove) to break this thread up and make it a lot easier to follow specific rumors.

Please continue these discussions there, new threads can be posted for rumors with sources. There will also be a wishlist thread posted and stickied. If there's a recent post you really want discussed/read just feel free to copy and paste it into a new appropriate thread.


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