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Who Is Your Favorite Hockey Player In The Whole History Of The Nhl?

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and why do you like the player you chose as your all time favorite?

For me it is definitely "terrible" ted lindsay.

and this is why i like him.

Who wasnt so terrible at all actually.

I know of no other hockey player who so selflessly devoted his whole life and career towards helping people as Teddy did.

He will be 83 years old this year and he is still helping people




(the Ted Lindsay foundation, dedicated to helping people who have autism spectrum disorder)

and he also helped out with the olympics and chilren's charities.

and he also was an amazing hockey player who won 4 stanley cups.

He was the one who changed hockey forever, from being practically feudalism to a different system .

I think all hockey players should hear his story and realize why they get paid like they do today.

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Ted Lindsay left an immense hockey legacy when he retired from the Detroit Red Wings following the 1964-65 season. Besides contributing to four Stanley Cup championships, Ted won the Art Ross as scoring champion in 1949-50 and was selected to an NHL All-Star team on nine occasions. But his enduring legacy may very well have slid under the radar. Ted initiated the first National Hockey League Players' Association. "Mr. Campbell (NHL president) always talked about how we had the greatest pension in the world. He was a Rhodes Scholar and I hear how brilliant Rhodes Scholars are, but if he is an example of a Rhodes Scholar, I don't think they're too brilliant! He always came into our room, and all the other teams' rooms, too, and told us what a great pension we had and told us we were not to fraternize with members of the opposite teams."

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My favorite player whom I never have seen play is Gordie Howe. He was the epitome of what I think a hockey player should be. He scored, he passed, he was tough as nails. My favorite thing in hockey is the Gordie Howe hat trick.

My favorite player whom I have been able to watch is Alex Ovechkin. He is simply the most exciting player in the league and by far the most charismatic. I just want to smile every time I see him. Not to mention the fact that he'll knock anyone on their *****. He is probably the only player in the league whom I plan to go see every time he comes to Columbus, aside from Montreal, of course.

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It's gotta be Lemieux, Jagr, and Bure. These guys did things with the puck that I thought weren't possible. Every time they touched the puck, I was on the edge of my seat! I haven't seen anyone come close to match the offensive prowess that these guys could produce. Ovechkin comes close to Bure, however, Bure was a much better stick-handler and could dangle the puck at top speed.

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for me growing up I always liked Stephane Richer, Patrick Roy, Claude Lemieux, Denis Savard, Russ Courtnall, Chris Nilan, Oleg Petrov, Mats Naslund and Gary Leeman who all spent time with the Habs

other players I really liked growing up are.....Pavel Bure, Alexander Mogilny, Bob Probert, Igor Larionov, Sergei Federov, Sergei Makarov, Trevor Linden

Players I really like now are....Andrei Kostitsyn, Saku Koivu, Alexei Kovalev, Sergei Kostitsyn, Chris Higgins, Andrei Markov, Mark Streit...Alexander Ovechken, Alexander Semin, Evegni Malkin, Peter Forsberg

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Favorites... Beliveau for his class and style and great mindset. But since I was little, I was always fascinated with goalies. (Would have gone into ice hockey too if my parents had let me...but maybe now I can get some playtime. Only really got floor and street hockey, and no one else wanted to be goalie in school but me :D).

Dryden (I love the pose!), Roy (grew up in the Roy era, I was very sad when he left Montreal), Turco, Nabokov, and now Price has joined that list :)

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I name a few

First of all I think Steve Yzerman was probably my favorite of all time,

Pavel Bure comes in Second , he would be a major threat in the nhl if it wasnt of is ingury to both legs,

Defensemen Sheldon Souray , u gona love is Cannon Shot

New age , would be Alexander Ovechkin , the next rocket

Montreal player , Andrei Kostitsyn , Bouillons

And my Sleeper favorite player would be Ladislav Nagy in Montreal , GM Gainey get him

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My favorite player of all time is Al Secord.

Growing up watching the Blackhawks, I really loved watching him skate around helmetless, get in a fight or 3 and score a goal.

I wrote to him when I was 5 or 6 years old telling him that he was my favorite player, and I got a signed photo back with him, personalised to me and a hand written letter in about 2 weeks. It made my YEAR.

I met Mr. Secord about 2 years ago and I told him that same story. I seemed to make him about as happy as he made me when I was a little kid.

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