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Isnt It A Bit Contradictory?

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In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain. (Pliny the Elder)

Inform all the troops that communications have completely broken down. (Ashleigh Brilliant)

I must follow the people. Am I not their leader? (Apparently, Benjamin Disraeli)

The English certainly and fiercly pride themselves in never praising themselves. (Wyndham Lewis)

Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history. (George Bernard Shaw)

I am not sincere, even when I say I am not. (Jules Renard)

You've no idea of what a poor opinion I have of myself, and how little I deserve it. (W.S. Gilbert)

Anyone who isn't confused here doesn't really know what's going on.

I paid too much for it, but its worth it.

I used to be indecisive, now I'm not sure.

Procrastinate now!

Hey, somebody cut the end off this rope!

Nobody goes to that restaurant anymore. It's too crowded.

Well-Preserved Ruins - Sanitary Landfill

Genuine Imitation - Mandatory Option - New and Improved - Limited Lifetime Guarantee - Natural Synthetic - Mild Abrasive - Boneless Ribs - Fresh Cheese - Virtually Spotless - Recommended Requirements - Corporate/Business Ethics - Media Integrity - Easy Payments - Truth in Advertising

Working Lunch - Study Break - Under-Graduate Degree

Political Science - Social Science - Economic Science - Creation Science - Neo Conservative - Zero Deficit - Partial Cease-Fire - Peace Offensive - Defensive Strike - Humane War - Peace-Keeping Missile

False Evidence - Partial Unanimity - Suicide Victim

Beyond Infinity - Random Order - Unacceptable Solution - Constant Variable - Standard Deviation - Incredibly Convincing - Cautiously Optimistic - Hopelessly Optimistic - Humble Opinion - Unbiased Opinion - Scientific Belief - Educated Guess - Conventional Wisdom - Constant Change

Reality TV - Worst Enemy - Detailed Summary - Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Reality - Acting Naturally - First Annual - Minor Disaster - Found Missing -

Mobile Station - Old News - Only Choice - Paid Volunteer - Pretty Ugly - Modern Tradition - Rolling Stop

And of course the classic: Government Intelligence / Military Intelligence

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for the glsdd, thats why people look at it half full.

a texas governor(go figure) said to people in wheelchairs on disability day: now yall stand up so u can be recognized.

if money doesnt grow on trees why do banks have branches?

i once told somebody that if they could cut the end off a rope, i would give them 10 bucks. lol

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for the last post, i meant glass, not glsdd. its 2 am. forgive me.

Contradictory mascots:

Red wings: octopus cant suvive in freezing water

calgary flames: hockey is on ice lol.

nshville predators: they dont have komi lol

the minnesota wild play indoors.

boston is not a bruin. they are kitty cats lol.

the capitals logo has no capitalized letters

ducks migrate south to avoid ice

the kings play like pawns.

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