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Good Restaurant In Montreal

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A very good friend of mine is going to be spending time in Montreal, we live in Portland, OR. She has a family tradition with her sisters, two of them take the third out for a very, very good meal. So my question to you is what is the best restaurant in Montreal regardless to price.


I know a really, really good Italian Restaurant in Montreal, but it's really expensive..

I don't know if she would like or I know a Frech Bistro in the Old Montreal that is also really good in my opinioon..

So depend if they accept to spend kind of not a lot but money for the meal..

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"Le Toqué" is probably one of the best French restaurant in Montreal.

900, Place Jean-Paul Riopelle corner Saint-Antoine in the Old-Montreal.

I think I know what it is...And Yes it could be a really good one to !

I know an other one name ''Le petit Conti'' that's a really good one to..But it's littre xD

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On the flipside, La Banquise. It's awesome. 50 different kinds of poutine! XD

But frankly, just walk around old Montreal, Prince-Arthur, St-Denis or St-Laurent and you're bound to run into something. Everything is good.

50? last time i went it was more like under 20, but i second la banquise, best poutine in montreal. Also you'd have to go try the ribs at baton rouge, legendary.

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