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Pro Teams Deny Knowing Quebec Doping Doctor

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Pro teams deny knowing Quebec doping doctor

Professional sports teams in Montreal are denying any connection with Dr. Maurice Duquette, who has pleaded guilty to charges of doping athletes.

Duquette has been linked to former Canadian cycling champ Genevieve Jeanson, who tested positive in July 2005 for the banned substance erythropoietin.

She admitted in an interview last year that she had taken the performance-enhancer, better known as EPO, for several years before the test.

Jeanson also has said Duquette administered EPO for the first time in 1998 when she was 16 years old and suffered from anemia.

The disciplinary committee of the group, which represents Quebec's doctors, also said Wednesday it wasn't comfortable with the sanctions being recommended against Duquette.

An inquiry by the College des Medecins du Quebec recommended the doctor not be allowed to practise for four months and that he not be permitted to treat athletes in the future.

The doctors' disciplinary committee described the recommended sanctions as "not being severe enough."

During a disciplinary hearing this week, it was revealed that Duquette admitted in 2001 he acted as an adviser to professional hockey players to help them "maintain their retail value."

But investigators say he told them the relationships ended when the players were transferred to teams in the West.

No names or other details of Duquette's relationships with professional teams were released at the two-day hearing.

Donald Beauchamp, a spokesman for the Montreal Canadiens, said he checked inside the hockey organization and nobody knew anything about Duquette.

"We've never heard of anything of this nature, we found no information whatsoever," he told the Canadian Press.

Louis-Philippe Dorais, an official with the Montreal Alouettes, said the team has never communicated with Duquette and its doctors don't know him "either personally or professionally."

"We've spoken with our medical staff, our managers with the Alouettes, and nobody's been in touch with Dr. Duquette and our organization has no relationship with him," Dorais said in an interview.

When asked if any players had been in personal contact with Duquette, Dorais said that was beyond the team's control.

Jacques Prevost, a lawyer involved in Duquette's inquiry, said the sanctions were negotiated more than 4½ years ago after a long list of complaints were filed against the doctor in 2002.

But he said it was up to the disciplinary committee to decide on the final sanctions.

"The goal of any disciplinary action is not to punish the professional but to protect the public," Prevost said. "It's not an inquiry into the sports world, it's an inquiry [into the conduct] of a doctor."

The disciplinary committee has postponed its decision on sanctions until a later date.

Prevost said he expects further arguments to be presented at that time by all parties involved.

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What was that masking drug theo was on?

My lawyers have informed me that I can only say that he was using Propecia purely for hair restoration...


...but drugs and sport will be eternally linked. With many top sports people trying to get the edge over their competitors, the temptation is always there. And Michael Johnson has announced he's giving up one of the Olympic gold medals he won because team-mates in the sprint relay were on drugs at the time:

Five-times Olympic champion Michael Johnson says he will return the relay gold he won at the Sydney Games after a former team-mate admitted taking drugs.

Antonio Pettigrew, who together with Johnson won 4x400m relay for the United States at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, has admitted taking banned substances.

"I know that the medal was not fairly won and that it is dirty"


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