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Though I think most GMs would prefer not having a NTC I believe it is player specific based on both the team and player needs. For example last year Markov was signed with a limited NTC whereas Hamrlik was signed with both a full and partial NTC. It is somewhat a gamble on the Team's part yet I see it as a one of the deciding factors in in being able to sign (or not sign) proven veteran NHLers.

why do you need both a partial and a full ntc? how does that work?

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Here are the details:

Roman Hamrlik, MTL - NTC [full NTC until 2/1/09; partial NTC from 2/1/09 to 2/1/11; no NTC from 2/1/11 after]

Maybe it has something to do with family commitments.

ah right. i wasn't thinking on a year-to-year basis. that's similar to what kovalev has, i believe. thanks!

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