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What Is Your Ringtone?


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For calls: You're Simply the Best

Voicemail: Old Habs Goal song

Emails: Somebody Save Me

Txt msgs: Sex Bomb

Dumb story here... I created a ringtone for my co-worker/friend from the Police Academy movies (scenes with the Blue Oyster bar). One day, while auditing a site and asking somewhat serious questions regarding why certain company policies and protocols weren't being adhered to by the account manager... out of the blue, a phone call comes through and all you hear is... doo doo doo da doo.... hahaha!!! I tried to ignore and keep a straight face but instead we all bursted out in laughter. I had him leave the room and then resume to the audit with the account manager.

What a doofus.... but then again, that's why I consider him a friend, I guess.

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