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Official 2008 Nhl Draft Discussion Thread


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yep. Tanguay ruined our dreams from sundin coming to montreal.

Did you know Sundin was coming for sure? Do you know what BG and Co. are going to do this draft? Please stand up and wave your hand the next time the camera pans by the Habs table so I can see you.

Same thing every year ... :lol:

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Why would we want another ryder though?

We dont... THey are not even close to comparable. Tanguay is crazy fast, has far better stick handling, and is defensivly responsible. He plays similar to Perezhogan except with experience.

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Tanguay must get next year 30 goals + 40-60 assits = 70-90 points

Tanguay said he dose not want to play for the habs so why would he want to resign after a 10 goal season?

10 goal season?

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