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I hope he's given a fair chance in Montreal. We seem to get these players and if they're not lighting up the scoreboard in three or four games people are picking them apart and ready to send them packing.

Hope it's fair and I hope the fans treat him with respect, this guy has tons of class and tons of heart.

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I saw someone at Frite Alors! today wearing a Tanugay/Habs shirt. It must've been altered with the name on the back, because I can't imagine they would have them for sale yet. It was red, Hab's logo on the front, Tanguay's name on the back. No number.

Maybe it was a custom made jersey. Yes the expectations are high on Alex, but i still think he can give us 70 pts this season and give our pp some variety.

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I hope you get atleast 30 goals and a minimum of 50 points.

Are my expectations high?

Your expectations of at least 30 goals is high, as he is not noted as a shooter, or goal scorer. He has played 8 seasons in the NHL, with 29 goals in 2005-06 been his best. The 50 points should be a guarantee for Tanguay, as he has done that in 7 of his 8 seasons. He is more like a 70 points player.


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He will be the next superstar on our team

Who cares about the exact number of points he tallies, If we win each and every game 1-0. And we end up winning the stanley cup

All will be well in my eyes.

But i do think Tanguay will be alot of excitement to our club

He can't be a superstar if he does not score a significant number of points. ;)

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