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Who Gets #40

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I mentioned it before.. but, Alex Tanguay likes to wear #18, he wore it with Halifax and he wore it with Colorado as soon as it became available. For most of his NHL career he has been forced into wearing #40 tho, but I'm not sure how attached he is to it. I think the only way Alex wears #40 is if Maxime really doesn't want it. Laps was kinda just thrown #40, this may be a nice excuse for him to change his number to something he likes better... tho, its not like there is a ton of options lol XD Minus the obvious #'s that are already taken, #'s 1,2,4,5,7,9,10,12,16,18,19,23, and 29 are no go's as well XD.

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I hope laps doesnt change his number,,

People have spent good $ buying jerseys and so on, would be a pain to see the number being no good for no good reason

like pleks did the other year

14 is the number he's always wore, and the only reason that he didn't wear it before is because it was taken by Radek Bonk. The guy wore 35, 35, you're aware thats a goalie number right? When he joined the team they gave him 35, he didn't request it or want it, he just had it. He had a damn good reason to change to 14.

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I think that is what he will go with

Judging from what I've read,the no. he wears is certainly not a big issue with him.He already seems to have decided that #81 would be satisfactory indeed,so let's not make a big thing out of nothing???It feels like he is so happy to be coming to Montreal he would gladly play in pyjamas with no number !!! :lol:

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