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Let me first state Habs are the best, the winningest team in professional hockey PERIOD.

Now, I have an autographed picture of Ken Dryden wearing #1, did he ever play a game with that number? I have several people telling me that he only wore #29, but there seems to be some confusion, some say he did wear #1 in a game or two? I some how remember him in #1, perhaps it is only this picture that I remember.

Please someone help clear this up.

Thanks, go Habs, beat Toronto and pulverize Boston!

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Ken Dryden told this story at his press confrece annoucing the numer retiring..

He said something along the lines of..

The Number 1 was avialble and he chose to wear it.. He told his wife and was all excited.. His wife said to him.. But your not #1 your more like 29..

I am sure I messed that up but its vaiguly how I remeber it.

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Around that time, the goalie numbers fluctuated wildly.......Vachon wore 30, 29 and finally 1, I can't find any record of Dryden wearing #1 at all but I find many references to Vachon wearing #1 that season and since he was there first and was (initially) the #1 goalie I doubt they'd have given the number to rookie Dryden, unless he was called up to take Vachon's place on short notice and wore Vachon's sweater (but even this is unlikely as Vachon was much shorter!!!!). It is possible the photo was from the Montreal Voyageurs.

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