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Yvon Pednault Replaced By Benoit Brunet As Pierre's Houde's Analyst


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'bout freakin' time...it's gone make a lot of people happy, most notably the 13,000 users that joined the Anti-Yvon group on Facebook... :lol:

His replacement however, not that great of a choice. I like Brunet during the intermissions but as a play by play analyst, his grammar and diction are just too poor.

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im glad yvon is gone he made no sense and at times would call the wrong names or teams out or what ever and not even correct himself i agree brunet isnt the best choice... oh well its rds does it really matter :P

hope brunet does good or i might mute the games and listen to radio aswell although the rds feed seems to always be like 2-3 seconds ahead of the others....

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Heh... Honestly, I don't care much. Most of the time we would mute the TV and turn on the radio for our commentary :lol:

I dont care much either, crack jokes about one 'analyst' or another, same difference B) besides, best way not to hear any of them is to watch the games at the bell centre :D

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