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Favorite Teams Vs. Local Teams


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Are there fans out there that have a favorite team but live in different local location? For instance, I grew up being a Habs fan living in Vermont. Now, I live in the state of New york. I still very much follow the canadiens but am forced to watch the local teams. I have different team choices available to follow. The NY Islanders, NY rangers, NJ Devils, and the Buffalo Sabres. I'm still a loal fan but watch the local teams, also. Is there anybody else out there with the same dilemma?

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I know how you ofeel - I was born and raised in Mtl - moved to Edmonton 1985 - there I could get the CBC broadcast in french on Saturdays - those were the days before internet stuff- much harder to follow out of town teams. Then in 1990 I moved to south-western Ontario (aka LAFFTOWN) The CBC's french broadcast was always preempted for a bad movie - it was actually blacked out here so the hockey fan would have to drink teh blue and white cool ade.

I did watch the Oilers while in Edmonton (Gretzky & Co.) and some of the Laff games but never became a fan of either team.

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At least there are hockey fans out there that know what it was like before the internet. To follow your favorite team you had to rely on the local news or newspapers. The downfall to the newspapers is that it didn't have the results of the game from the previous night, we had to wait until the following day. How times have changed, for the better.

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