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#46 - Andrei Kostitsyn 2008-09


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I have a feeling Andrei will definately improve from on his point totals from last season....hopefully he can get out of the gate a little quicker if he does that and stays as consistant as he was last season from November on, then he could very well have 35 goals or more

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I'm calling it....he will come top 20 in league scoring and will come in 1st in team scoring.

If that actually happens I will eat my socks! :lol:

I don't think we should putting that knd of expectations on Andrei at this point. Reaching 65-70 points would be fine, if you ask me. Let him lead the league in points in a few seasons from now. He might be too raw to do it, at this point in time.

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Anyone have a pic


A little off the top: Armed with a fresh multi-year contract, Andrei Kostitsyn is apparently a new man in more ways than one. The slick winger arrived at the Bell Centre with a Belarussian twist on a Canadian classic - the mullet. With his hair almost shaven on top and longer in the back, Kostitsyn will be sticking out for a reason other than his usual highlight reel goals this season.

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Le rapide attaquant est arrivé au Centre Bell avec sa candidature pour la mairie de Longueuil, arborant la fameuse coupe du même nom.


Whaaa? Is this an expression? I've read the english article and it didn't mention anything about being a mayor of Longueuil.

lol coupe longueil is a haircut.. a weird haircut.. i want to see andrei too!

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