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The New Nhl.com!

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For the hundredth time, the NHl has redesigned their website. This is completely different than the last site. It will take some getting used to, but overall, very nice work!


very much so. i don't love it. the menubar is very gray and they've replaced a lot of the written content with video. i prefer to read - than wait for a video to load - so i'm disappointed with it. looks pretty sleek though - other than the grey - and really, how many sites do i need to read/refer to in a day?! ;)

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I like it much better than the last two versions, to be honest.

It just seems like less of a clutter.

Anyway, the only part I don't like about this design is how the logos are not coloured. If they fix that, it would look great.

When you scroll on the team logos, they get bigger & colorful, actually.

I guess they wanted to add more of an effect.

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