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Didn't SuperMario come back and have a successful "unretirement?" :rolleyes:

Actually,I don't think it would really surprise me all that much to see him come back and be effective for some team......(Habs)?I'll say this,I seriously doubt he would be satisfied to just come back and cruise through a season without contributing.IMO ,if he doesn't feel he would add anything to his prospective team's chances of competing,he will abandon any notion of playing.He was always a fierce competitor,like him or not! ;)

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Former Av Lemieux trying comeback - Denver Post

There's a source, but as it was said, it's being talked about all over RDS.

I think he was a good player and all, but at 43 years old, it would be difficult. Plus he hasn't played in 5 years; so he'll be rusty and not used to the game (as it has changed quite a bit since he last played).

I think there's a *very slight* chance he could help a team, but i don't think many teams would be interested in bringing back and adding him to their lineup, even if it was just for experience.

I think he should stay retired ;o

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He apparently has been practising with the Coyotes somewhat. Steve Reinprecht told Claude that he "was flying out there and if hes going to play again?"

Source: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/2008/09/26/...mieux_comeback/

Man, the NHL is not the same league that he left behind FIVE YEARS AGO. Its one thing to practise but I get the feeling that the unrelenting speed and intensity of the post lockout NHL would leave him dizzy out there.

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Well the day has arrived. Claude played his first NHL game tonite since 5 and 1/2 years. He threw some good hits, outworked some Canucks here and there, seemed to be able to go a long distance quickly with few but long strides. Definetly did nothing to hurt the Sharks. Amazing that he didn't look at all out of place after all this time especially considering how much faster the game is since he last played. Good job tonite Claude.

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