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The Canadiens unveiled a new song played at the Bell Centre after goals. The song was written specifically for the Canadiens by Montreal band Simple Plan and is called ''Go Habs Go''.

Is this it


LOL. no , that's definitely not it.

I havent heard any details other then it was a new song but,,,,you might be thinking of the HNIC song that was just recently redone with an orchestra. ;)

i knew that they had re-done that but the announcer at the bell centre said that, or i just heard it really wrong and i misheard symphony for simple plan.

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after my researches, here's what I found.. nothing official though


ya it's something like that. I can say from 1:15-1:20 you hear it in the song, the Oh OH Oh you hear it at the end of the track. It didn't sound as electronic. As i said, was hard to hear with the crowd yelling plus the volume was way too loud so it was hard to hear what was going on.

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I could see that being played after a Habs goal at the Bell. I don't hear anything about the Habs though, I figured since it was called Go Habs Go that they would have written it about them.

From the article (translated):

They remixed the song "Generation" in England ... and we hear the refrain "GO HABS GO" instead of "Let's go!"

So basically it's not a song really written for the Habs, they changed some of the lyrics and re-recorded it. The version on the site is the original, so it does not have "Go Habs Go" in it.

Not a bad chorus though for a hockey game, definitely better than Vertigo. Much more of an energy song, although I still don't think it compares to the L'Oriel song.

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Do they still play the Coldplay song "Fix You" when the players skate out onto the ice? Because that song always gives me goosebumps! :)

When listening to the game on the radio last night, I'm pretty sure I herd "Fix You" before Lacroix announced the starting lineup.

I'm also pretty sure I herd "Viva La Vida", which was probably used in the pre-game video. Anyone confirm this?

Coldplay Rock!!!


I love your account name! MANadiens!!! ^_^

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