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"price Saves" Bumper Sticker - Please Help!!

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Heard some people talking about how cool it would be to have a "price saves" bumper sticker, so i am looking into getting some made.

I posted a few quick designs I did online, so if you wouldn't mind, please check them out and let me know which you like the best. I numbered them 1-5, so if you could just let me know the number of the one you like best, that would be great!!


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I see nothing wrong with it... But, I usually get a kick from blasphemous stuff. Aslong as there isn't a picture of Jesus or having Price's name inside the fish (which honestly, I'd love to have one), I think you'll be fine.

Go into any mall in the greater Montreal area, find the t-shirt counter and you find all sorts of blasphemous content. Price Saves would be rather tame, compared to some of the t-shirts I wear.

I say go for it!

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Great idea! I don't own a car but I've always wanted to have one ... a "Price Saves" bumper sticker, that is. I'll find a place to put it ... or a t-shirt, even. That's even better. Let me know how to get one and I'll take 1/2 a dozen.

Kudos to FlHabsFan for pointing out the potential danger in these. I've used the term 'Price Saves' before -- once even 'Jesus Price Saves', though only in a PM -- but always with the disclaimer to others' sensitivities.

The intent here isn't to mock the Christian Faith but to take a recognizable saying and make it into something that will reflect what's dear to our own hearts, namely the Habs.

Admittedly, putting it inside a Fish might be pushing it too far. Putting it inside the outline of a Stanley Cup, though, is guilty only of getting ahead of one's self and not crossing any lines. Putting "Jesus" in front of his name, not the best idea.

It's not as if Christians have a trademark on saving. Saying "Price Saves" is just a statement of fact.

Now that I think of it: don't do a Stanley Cup but I think you should put the whole thing, PRICE SAVES, inside the silhouette of a Canadiens "C". Now THAT, my friend, is class....

... and you can up my order to an even dozen. :lol::D:lol:

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Yeah, we do have freedom of speech I think.

Thats not what I meant. Just as far as possibly offensive. Things use to be really loose here in the states, but people get their panties in a bunch and all of the sudden this isnt allowed or that cant be a sticker. Like the bumper sticker from the 80's that said "S**t happens". All the rage, then they were banned because some people were offended. Thats all I meant.

And thanks Flyin Lion. That was the whole point of my post. The bumper stickers are funny and Habs fans would get the joke immediatly. But you just know theres gonna be that 1 or 2 people who will take offense....Like those shirts at tshirthell.com (not kiddy/work safe!!) There are shirts that a lot of people will laugh at. How many would actually buy and wear them though? ;)

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