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Funny you should mention that.Two weeks ago I bought a Panasonic PZ800 50" plasma and a Sharp Aquos 37" LCD as a secondary tv.I also bought a Harman Cardon home theatre system for the plasma.

My computer monitor is a 27" Samsung which can also double-up as an HD tv.

You can say I'm ready for hockey season.

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On a side note,at eleven o'clock this morning (Friday) I ordered TSNHD,SportsnetHD among others and I'm still waiting.I called them again an hour ago.It's been a total of 14 freaking hours.Going to hit the sack.Will be surprised if they have it done by morning.

That's Videotron for you.

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HD Projector baby... 100 inches of hockey!

It's not even that expensive... I don't know why more people don't buy them instead of LCD's or plasma's.

A few reasons;

1. The cost of replacement bulbs,

2. The cost of a proper screen (not just shining it onto a sheet or a regular white wall)

3. Room sizing/setup,

4. Natural lighting, and this is an important one that some will overlook. The full effect of a projector image will not be felt without a good amount of darkness -- this makes it impractical for most non-basement setups. I have a friend who found this out the hard way, and he has aluminum foil and cardboard covering all the windows in his living room and it looks horrid. Flat-panel TV's aren't affected in the same fashion by light, and are suitable for both darkened and lightened rooms.

There's some significant planning involved in creating an optimal setup using a projector -- and if done correctly, it's tremendous -- but with a TV, there is much less involved.

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