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Bulldogs Vs Moose --- Preseason Game #2 --- 10/4/08

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Hamilton Bulldogs vs Manitoba Moose

Preseason game #2 for the Bulldogs in the Iceberg Cup mini-tournament being held in St.John's Newfoundland.

Puck drops at 6pm ET Saturday night.


Hey Lammy! Whatever happened to the Bulldogs' fan forum?

I miss making those GTs, but I find that I am too busy to make everyone anyways now.

Good to see you still posting around though.

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Hi Scott. Long time no talk.

Yeah, as Swansee says, the Bulldogs forum was put out of it's misery due to a couple of certain posters who basically wrecked it for everybody.

I miss your GTs as well......you always did a great job of those. I just don't have the time or the patience to put in statistics and pretty pictures. It's good enough for me to simply post the teams playing and the game start time. We can all then take it from there. LOL!

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