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Best Sport (besides Hockey)

Best sport  

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  1. 1. Favorite sport

    • soccer
    • (american) football
    • golf
    • Basketball
    • baseball
    • lacrosse

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Golf for sure for me.....nobody to lean on...no excuses ....you don't get multi-year deals...if you don't play well...well you're gone....hardest game to master because the are unlimited factors and types of shots involved...you have to play when it's windy,raining ,hotter than hell or cold...you can play when you're 5 years old or 90..and....if you sink a 40 foot putt you know there isn't a pro on earth that could've done it better

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I don't like to many professional sports because I think if a lot of the players didn't get paid as much as they do they would quit. Especially American football. So I am going threw a college sports stage except for hockey. I love ut football right now especially after our win to the #1 Oklahoma sooners. Texas A&M, D.U., Minnesota gofers, and C.S.U. SUCK!

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Extreme skiing is my favorite sport to watch and do. Hockey and baseball fav team sports to watch.

Extreme skiing has always fascinated me because of the fact it,s fall you die terrain. Takes tons of guts and skill to do well. Nothing compares for sheer terror and thrills and when you have done your run you get so much joy and satisfaction knowing what you just did seems impossible to others.

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Baseball and Hockey are the best sports, the rest of them are zzz... Although, I think golf takes the cake when it comes to being boring. ;)

This is what is so wrong with sports fans. What is it in your right to say a sport is boring. In your mind it may be boring, but my 2 favorite sports are hockey and baseball and I could make very strong cases for both of those sports being "boring".

All sports bring diffrent aspects and qualities, I like all sports if I were to list them it would be

Hockey and Baseball

Football (American)




Golf Lacrosse, Extreme sports are all in the next tier for me but I can appreicate what they all bring to the table.

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