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Where Do You Students Find Your Articles?


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Are you a university student? Does your university have a faculty of law? I'd check legal journals. Again, if you're a university student, your school will subscribe to a lot of online or e-journals. You could also look in Time, McLeans or US Newsweek. Time has a data base on their site. You can get a membership to them for like 5 bucks and then be able to access everything they've done since the 1st issue. Though, I don't know how scholarly you need these articles to be. Can they be a media perspective or do they have to be a legal perspective?

If you go to a legal library, you'll literally be able to pull out dozens of books that deal with anti-trust cases. These may be difficult to follow... I really don't know what you need. There will be general books and textbooks available as well.

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hmmm well if you're in school most cegeps and universities give student free access to many academic online journals. usually yuo get them through your university's library web site and then you have to enter certain student information. If not you can always try to see if they have them in the school library and then you can go and maybe photocopy them, though during exam period the library asks for school id to access the library. Maybe some of the larger montreal libraries have some? but i have no clue. if not you can always google "academic online journals" or soemthing of the sort and hope for a free one, but most you usually have to register for and pay a fee (either you pay a monthly fee, or you pay for the article itself).

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