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Season Opener | Montreal @ Buffalo | Friday October 10, 2008 At 7:30 Pm


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I tried that on two seperate computers to watch the Avs/Bruins and see how the B's are looking and I couldn't get video on the laptop, but I got choppy, laggy sound and I couldn't get either on the desktop, and the desktop is a more powerful machine. I couldn't be bothered tinkering with it last night and won't bother with the Habs games televised, but I wanted to guage it and see if it was worth a subscription and it isn't looking like it so far. :P

Did you have any luck? I'd love to be able to try watching four games at once! :o

P.S. Also, if you have TSN and CBC, I find it odd that you don't have RDS? I can only assume it's a weird kind of package thing.


Wow, the quality on the GameCentre is amazing. Not choppy at all, sound is perfectly synched (with the TV audio selected anyways). Might have to consider a subscription.

p.s. Tanguay didn't touch him

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