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Habs @ Philly - Monday, October 13


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1-0-1 = 3rd in Eastern Conference


0-1-0 = 15th in Eastern Conference


Monday, October 13th, 2008
7:00PM Eastern
at the Wachovia Complex



0-0-1, 0.92 GAA, .972 SV%



0-1-0, 15.00 GAA, .714 SV%


NOTE: Please forgive and correct any inaccuracies noted above.

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The long-awaited chance for payback. Sweet.

However, the Flyers are not the Leafs. They are a very good, skilled team with lots of scoring talent up front and solid goaltending. We're not going to win 6-1, I'll tell you that. If we win, it'll be 3-2 or thereabouts. I'm hoping this is the game where the Plekanec line finally explodes.

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The long-awaited chance for payback. Sweet.

However, the Flyers are not the Leafs. ...

Nope. That much is true. The Flyers got a bad beat yesterday, Biron getting riddled for 4 goals early but winning the final 2 periods and falling up just short. It took me forever to decide on what goalie to post for the Flyers after Niittymaki's performance. It's early in the season, though, so I figured they wouldn't risk long term injury by benching Biron after one bad start. Admittedly, it was a really bad start.

The key, I think, will be getting another start like yesterday's, indeed even Friday's but with more rewards. It was almost dreamy watching the Team come out hard and hungry right through the dying minutes, even though the game was pretty much in hand. Taking control of the game early, taking a bit of pressure of the goaltenders, will go a long way towards getting the Habs home with 5 of six points.

Going into the Road Trip, I was shooting for 4 points to open the Bell Centre with. I'll gladly take 5, however, and - even though it's going to be a tougher test than Toronto last night - I think it's definitely within expectations.

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I hate philly....

freakin umberger....

Time for revenge!

Umberger's gone, right? In Columbus, now.

Still, it's not against a person I want revenge but rather a team. It'll be sweet if we can take 2 points away from the Flyers early in the season.

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Go habs i hope too see pleky, a.kostitsyn and kovalev explode with points this game.

That makes two of us. I have Elder Kosty in one pool and Kovalev in another. I gambled and took Tanguay in both of them. I'd love to see both 2 lines put some markers on the board.

I can't get over how exciting the Habs are to watch. Yesterday was just obvious, but even that shootout loss to the Sabres had a ton of times where the Team was just dominant with the puck possession. More of that and we'll bring a great game against the Flyers.

After a quick start with back-to-back games, it feels like a long wait until tomorrow night.


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Everybody's correct saying this will be a bigger challenge. That shootout loss to Buffalo should still be on the boys minds despite the T.O. beating. That memory,,, combined with last years early playoff exit,, should help us overcome the Flyers. The only worry i have is Biron doing another one of his Vezina immatations. I have a feeling this could be a low scoring affair with him in net, and a well rested and motivated Price in our end.

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Oh Flyers... I've hated this team since they were created...

Actually, I like Niittymaki so I hope he's in nets. About the only one on that team now that I like... Apparently Hatcher the skating gorilla is on the injury list so I won't have to see his ugly face =p Downie is also listed "day to day"... so, Go Habs Go!


Here's my Bobby Clarke shirt:


GrkFlyersFan - thank you for being a good sport :) I expect it to be a close one as well. Just hope there's no shootout again! We're not the Oilers!

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What's up guys? I was here in the playoffs, but didn't stick around to brag afterwards as I know how trolls who do that are received. I'm not sure who we'll throw in net, but I expect a close game here.

Welcome back. Nice to have fans of opposing teams around that respect the fact that this is a Habs sanctuary and measure their actions accordingly. We can always gang up on other teams the other 99% of the time anyway, and it's kind of like having a double agent that can let us know what is going on with the other club.

Is 15.00 GAA for Biron accurate? Wouldn't that mean he only played 4 minutes and was scored on once in that time?

What's the story here?

Good chance for redemption and I have to say I'm glad Umberger is out of the picture.

I expect a win, but I also expect a rough game. Hope we're up to it and it doesn't affect the flow of the game too much.

Go Habs Go!

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