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Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov passes away


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I just read that Jagr bumped into him during a line change, hit him with his elbow. Everything was fine until he collapsed on the bench, to which then Jagr started crying and yelling "Wake up Alexei!" It's some sad news, indeed.

Source -- Dunno if I got this right haha.


Direct link since I'm too dumb to figure out how to use the hyperlink. >.>

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This is terrible news, I feel terrible for Alexei's family and as well Jagr, I can't possibly imagine what they are feeling right now.

It's sad to know that this is something that could have been avoided if only the arena where they were playing was properly equipped with defibrillators.

R.I.P. Alexei

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This is just so sad and tragic. This just goes to show that defribrilators are a necessity on every bench, this could have been avoided. Such a promising future for this talented guy. Just terrible. God bless him.

I agree defibs in every arena, gym, school, and rec center. They need periodic checks and more people need to be trained to use them.

Very sad news...

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