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Stanley Cups 23 Or 24?

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The team won its first Stanley Cup championship in the 1915-16 season[7]. In 1917, with four other NHA teams, the Canadiens formed the NHL[7], and they won their first NHL Stanley Cup during the 1923-24 season, led by Howie Morenz

ooops, already posted by Habsters :)

That's ok Regis you actually explained it more than I did. ;)

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From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NHA): The National Hockey Association (NHA)(officially the National Hockey Association of Canada Limited) was a professional ice hockey organization with teams in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. It is the direct predecessor organization to today's National Hockey League (NHL). In 1917, the NHA was disbanded in order to get rid of an unwanted owner and the remaining league owners started the NHL.


So I'd say it should probably count, although technically we only have 23 NHL cups.

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So I'd say it should probably count, although technically we only have 23 NHL cups.

Yeah but we dont call them NHL Cups. We call them Stanley Cups,,, and we got 24 of them. :D

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The habs have won the cup 24 times and the NHL championship 23 times. I got a bud light T-shirt last year that only has the 23 NHL champion stanley cups..

Ironic. The Stanley Cup is far older then the NHL. I have never called it or thought that it was the NHL Stanley Cup. Just the Stanley Cup. If you are counting NHL Championships then Montreal actually has 25 NHL Championship. 23 when only the NHL existed, 1 NHL championship in 1924-25 when the Canadiens lost to Victoria Cougars, and 1 NHL championship in 1918-19 when Montreal won the NHL championship but the Stanley Cup finals were cancelled due to the flu epidemic. Only year before the lockout that the Stanley Cup was not awarded to any team.

Montreal has 24 Stanley Cups, 25 NHL Championships, and were tied in 1918-19 Stanley Cup finals when the playoffs were cancelled.

Stanley Cup Finals

I think that as a hockey fan, citizen of Canada, and intelligent person that the NHL should stop marketing it as the NHL champion stanley cups. It is the Stanley Cup. Teams have been trying to win it since 1892.

Too bad the the NHL was not the only professional organization that awarded the Stanley Cup until 1926. The courts have ruled that "A 2006 Ontario Superior Court case found that the trustees had gone against Lord Stanley's conditions in the 1947 agreement. The NHL has agreed to allow other teams to play for the Cup should the league not be operating, as was the case in the 2004–05 NHL lockout"

The Stanley Cup could become a challenge system if the NHL is not operating. IMO this means that the Stanley Cup does not belong to the NHL. But rather the NHL awards the Stanley Cup to the team that wins the playoff format.

And simple math that has been preverted by the NHL head office in New York City is calling this the 100th Season. It is not the 100th season. Simple and clear math. The 100th Anniversary does not even occur until December 4, 1909. Montreal is a team that is rich in history. Why did the Montreal Canadiens allow the NHL to change history and FACTS. This is not the 100th Season. Count the number of seasons, even if you assume 1909 was the first season (the first game was in 1910) and then don't count the lockout. This is not the 100th Season. Get a list of the years Montreal played hockey and count them. I challenge anyone that has the ability to count to 100 to get to 100 seasons.

Why couldn't the 100th Anniversay and 100th Season be the same time. Ironically with the lockout the two would occur in the same year.

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I think NHL cups is a bit of a better description. If we go by Stanley Cups, Ottawa has 9 ...

I see your point Graeme, the big difference I see with the Habs and Ottawa, is that the Habs have always been there/here. Ottawa's had several different teams over the years, they've been the senators, the seals and then the senators of today. The Habs haven't been moved to another city or folded. It's fair to say that as a city-Ottawa has 9 cups, but as a team the Habs have 24, it's been the same organization since 1909 - Granted ownership and arenas have changed over the years, but it's still the same team. Basically, when they became part of the NHL, they did so with the same players that played in the NHA. To say the sens (of today) have 9 Stanley Cups, it would be like the Habs trying to claim the accomplishments of the maroons as those of the Habs; Same city, but different organizations.

I know some will argue the same thing about teams that came out of the WHA in the expansion (in 1979), but those where 2 very different leagues and at that point, the NHL was already an established league; Also, the WHA wasn't playing for the Stanley Cup either.

The NHL acknowledges that the Habs have been around since 1909, not to acknowledge their 24 Stanley Cups would be a lil hypocritical imo. Why does the NHL acknowledge the 100 years of the Habs?

For the same reason I explained earlier-same organization.

I guess it comes down to different points of view, but this is the way I see it. It's a good argument though Graeme.

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