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I Need Computer Help


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still the same messsage could it have to do eith my internet settings and if thats the case do you have any idea what they shoud be

It's something to do with your internet, they both work for me. However, I'm not sure how to fix it.

Sorry. :(

Edit: it may also be the virus, I've heard some viruses block websites that let you fix it.

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If you can't access the websites he gave you (I can without any problem), the best way to install these programs would be to go to a friend's house, download the programs, put them on a USB clip and install them on your computer. I'm pretty sure you can at least open up the programs if you have them on USB clip. If that doesn't work, i'm not sure what would...

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for anti-virus, AVG is all you really need.

for spyware, it's best to have a number of programs Unfortunately, none of the programs are very complete, and the best way to fight spyware is to install all of them (unlike anti-virus software, multiple anti-spyware won't conflict). The three you want are:

- Ad-aware

- Spybot

- Microsoft Anti-spyware

(Google them).

Other tips to improve your security is at a minimum turn on Windows Firewall (or even better, install a stand alone firewall like ZoneAlarm) and avoid using internet explorer (although they have taken huge steps in the last few years to fixup some of the many, many security holes).

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i think my dads taking my computer in to a school to get them to take a look at it hopefully

can i computer virus or trogan onw make souund not come out from my computer

it's technically possible, but unlikely. That's probably just a bug that somehow got caused, nothing malicious.

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